Most people think brides are very hesitant to not be the center of attention on their wedding day, but we recently stumbled upon a very beautiful and emotional proposal that we knew we had to share. Saro proposed to Lia at his cousin's wedding; using the bridal to plan this very wonderful surprise! We caught up with the couple to get all the wonderful details. 

Featured Proposal: Saro & Lia

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Hello fellow brides and wedding planners. It has been a while. Emin and I put a short hold on our wedding planning, but we are back on track!

Throughout this wedding planning journey, as many of you know, Emin and I have found it extremely difficult to book vendors. We talk to as many people that we can. We do a lot of research, but there were two vendors who were very easy to book. The first being our Videographer! 

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For some brides the element of surprise in their wedding ring is a big part of their dream proposal. For others, they would rather be a part of the whole ring buying process. Yas was very involved when it came to purchasing her dream ring, but Jaber still found a way to surprise her with her proposal. We recently talked to Yas and got the whole story!

Featured Proposal: Jaber & Yas

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We at Harsanik are passionate about the Armenian culture and our beautiful Armenian wedding traditions, so when we stumbled upon Satiné Bowtique's Kanach Karmir product, we were thrilled to share with all of you. As some of you may know, one of the many Armenian traditions is to have the groom wear Red and Green Ribbons on the wedding day. Kanach and Karmir are the Armenian words for the colors Green and Red. We sat down with Meghedi who recently launched Satiné Bowtique and asked her to tell us more about this tradition, its meaning, and what inspired her to start this business.

Featured Vendor: Satiné Bowtique

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We have recently been blown away by all the destination proposals we have been featuring. We stumbled upon a proposal that took place in Paris, France and we knew we had to share this romantic story with our readers. Hilda and Vahe took a luxurious trip to France and little did Hilda know that Vahe had planned the proposal of a lifetime!

Featured Proposal: Vahe & Hilda

Hilda is going to take over the blog and share her story with us!

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Roses, ranunculus, dahlias, coxcombs, lisianthus, amaranthus, anemones…and my centerpiece floral arrangement list goes on, and on, and on. 

Like many brides, I absolutely love flowers and picking a florist was no easy feat. When I began my search, I knew two things – (1) what floral arrangements I generally liked (the diaphanous look, typically achieved with high petal count flowers), and (2) that I wanted a romantic look for the wedding. 

With the above in mind, I went on my quest for a florist. After weeks of searching, I came across Giah Events Studio. Although I initially had some hesitation because of their location (Huntington Park), I was reassured by my contact at Giah Events, Hong, that they were more than happy to work on a wedding in Pasadena. And I have since learned that they have worked on countless Los Angeles area weddings, including many Armenian weddings in the Glendale/Pasadena area.  

Diana's Story: Our Wedding Flowers

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Shortly after Sona and Tak returned from their honeymoon, we sat down with them to hear all about their love story, wedding planning adventures, and highlights from the wedding day. We knew this couple was so animated and full of energy that we had to record the whole interview. We published our 3 part video interview for you to enjoy (Chapter 1: The Beginning, Chapter 2: The Planning, Chapter 3: The Big Day). And now we're excited to share photos and video highlights from Sona and Tak's wedding!

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Remember that video of Conan O'Brien dancing at an Armenian wedding? Well we've got the full scoop on Sona and Tak's wedding in our 3rd and final episode of our exclusive interview with Sona and Tak. In case you missed the first two episodes, you can watch Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on our blog. Sona and Tak shared details about how they met, the proposal, and all the challenges faced with planning a BIG Armenian wedding. Now we're thrilled to share the last episode of our interview where Sona and Tak share details about their wedding day, favorite memories, Conan's participation, and advice for other couples planning their big day. Best of all, we've got clips from their wedding day so you can see and feel exactly what they are talking about.

Special thanks to Ani Studio for recording, editing and producing our 3 part interview series. 


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We recently shared Tigran and Mariam's beautiful proposal story as well as photos from their engagement photoshoot. We are so excited to now be sharing their wedding story! With the help of her sister and Harsanik, Mariam was able to plan her dream wedding. The couple just celebrated their one year anniversary and we now look back with Mariam to find out how everything came together and what advice she has to offer to bride-to-bes. 

Featured Wedding of Tigran & Mariam

Tell us a little about your relationship, how long you dated, and when he proposed.  

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"I hated wedding planning! I hated every second of it!"

We recently sat down with Sona and Tak to hear all about their love story, wedding planning adventures, and their wedding. Sona and Tak shared how they met, hilarious stories of their first date, the proposal, and even some highlights from their engagement party at Conan O'Brien and his wife Liza Powell O'Brien's house. If you missed it, you can watch the Chapter 1 interview to get caught up. We're excited to share Chapter 2 where you hear Sona and Tak's stories all about wedding planning. While some girls enjoy the wedding planning process, Sona shared a very honest and raw assessment. We've featured the full video of Chapter 2 along with photos from Sona and Tak's engagement photo shoot with Ani Studios.

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