We’ve been seeing a lot of Bohemian and Industrial themed weddings in 2015. This trend has become more and more popular influencing not only the design elements but also the venues couples are choosing for their special day.

Couples are choosing renovated warehouses, lofts or factories for their wedding reception. Such locations add an urban and rustic feel to the wedding. Of course, the location is usually converted and set up based on the couple’s vision and details of the party. 

Trendy Venues in LA: 440 Seaton

Photo source: 440 Seaton

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Had I written this blog three months ago, I would have said that choosing a dress was truly the hardest part, but now I can say it was the most exciting. Every girl dreams of putting on the big white dress and mine was no different. After looking all over for the perfect dress, I found a picture of an Essence of Australia ball gown to try on. I visited Panache Bridal in Pasadena and tried on the gown. It was pretty, but definitely not “the one”. How did I know? I looked at my mom and she didn’t have tears in her eyes.

Talar's Story: Wedding Dress Shopping

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We love sharing different Armenian Wedding Traditions on our blog. This week we are excited to share some traditions that couples can choose to incorporate as part of welcoming the bride and groom. According to old Armenian tradition, after the wedding ceremony at the church, the couple and their guests would celebrate at the groom’s house. Upon their arrival, a few traditions would take place with Lavash, honey, plates and more! 

Armenian Wedding Traditions

Photo by Armen Asadorian Photography

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You may spend months picking out the perfect wedding invitation design, but when it comes down to it, design isn’t enough. Your invitations also need to be polite and informative; they have to say the right thing in the right way, using only a few lines. Deciding how to word your invitations is tricky and, as always, Harsanik is here to help.

Traditionally, an American wedding invitation must include ten key lines:

  • Who is hosting, be it the bride’s parents, the grooms, or both. i.e. Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So

  • The request line, most commonly “request the honor of your presence"

  • The relationship of the hosts to the bride, groom, or both: “at the marriage of their daughter,” “their son and daughter", or "their children"

  • The name of the bride, first only, and middle if applicable (This may vary, usually if bride and groom are hosting, last name included)

  • The name of the groom, again, first and middle only (This may vary, usually if bride and groom or bride's parents are hosting, include full name and last name)

  • The day of the week, day, and month of the wedding

  • Time of wedding. Be sure to include the time of day, i.e. morning, afternoon, or evening. 

  • Name of the wedding venue

  • Venue’s address

  • And, finally, reception information. If the reception is in the same location as the ceremony, a simple “reception to follow” is sufficient. If not, you will need to include the name and address of the reception venue as well.

wedding invitation

Photo source Invitations by Celine 

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One of the easiest things I’ve done in terms of planning for our wedding is booking our venues. We knew that we wanted an outdoor wedding and wanted to do something different than what takes place during a traditional Armenian or a traditional Mexican wedding. Originally, we wanted to have our wedding ceremony and reception in Las Vegas. Among others, the hotels we had in mind were Caesars, Wynn, and The Venetian. We explored this idea for a short time but eventually came to the realization that a local wedding would be ideal for us and our families and generally Armenian style banquet halls had way more to offer.

Christine's story: Pearl Banquet Hall

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We've always been fascinated with the beautiful hats British women wear to weddings. Recently, hats have come back and in trend taking over Pinterest and inspiring wedding guests. With that said, we couldn't help but fall in love with Ron and Lisa's elegant spring wedding.

Ron and Lisa had a beautiful wedding at a private villa in Malibu, which once belonged to Princess Diana. They had an outdoor ceremony with gorgeous floral decorations and aqua, white, and pink color designs. The guests wore hats during the ceremony, adding a classic touch to the wedding. Since the villa once belonged to Princess Diana, the hats fit the style of wedding perfectly. As the live band played, Lisa walked down the aisle wearing a custom designed graceful off-the-shoulder wedding dress and married her true love, Ron.

We are excited to feature this beautiful couple’s wedding photos by Vic Studios and their romantic love story. 

Ron and Lisa Wedding

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Choosing your wedding registry and selecting the items for your future home is one of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning. When choosing your place and products, or exploring other gift options, you want to keep in mind your needs, your style and of course your guests! Avoid choosing at random or selecting a place that doesn't complement your taste because last thing you want is to have to return or exchange a bunch of gifts right after your honeymoon. Here are 11 options for wedding registry places to help you find yours. 

1. Macy's

Macy’s Bridal registry is one of the most popular. We love the registry guide and the quiz to help you find items in your style! Besides all the amazing specials, the registry includes bed & bath, dining & entertaining, cleaning & organizing, Home décor, kitchen, and luggage.

wedding registry

Photo source Macy's

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Armenian weddings have many traditions. The red and green ribbon ceremony is one such tradition. This ceremony is said to be an old Armenian tradition that has been passed down and kept mainly by Armenians in specific areas of Iran, such as Isfahan. As most traditions, there might be slight variations of its’ origins. 

In the old times, the crown that was placed on the bride and groom’s heads during the wedding ceremony was made of white, green and red threads. These colors signified peace, life, and sacrifice. The red and green ribbons are related to this tradition. Accordingly, green signifies life and red signifies sacrifice.

red and green ribbon ceremony

Photo by Vic Studios

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