You know those engagement pictures that catch your eye when scrolling through Pinterest? The ones that look just perfect and make you sigh? Wonder what makes them so special? We spoke with Mher Vahakn Special Event Photography and he shared with us one of his favorite engagement photo shoots and the top 5 tips to make your engagement photos stand out.

1. Location

Choose a location that means something to the both of you. Think of your engagement pictures as time capsules. They are snapshots of your lives as they intersect to become one. So pick a place that is filled with fun and sentimental memories of the two of you spending time there. You’ll relive all those moments every time you look at your engagement pictures. For Armig and Zare, their favorite spot was the beach. It’s where they spent most of their time together when they started dating. Zare wanted pictures at sunset and Armig chose Newport Beach because of her fond childhood memories there. If you're looking for engagement photo shoot location ideas, visit our blog where we've featured our top 10 photo shoot locations across Los Angeles.

Pinterest Worthy Engagement Photos

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One of our favorite parts of wedding planning is dress shopping. Some brides have a vision of their perfect dress while others like to stay on trend or match the theme of their wedding. Either way, this is the time you get to focus entirely on yourself. So love every moment of the experience and choose the dress that feels just right.

As you start your dress finding process, it’s always helpful to know the latest trends. The Spring 2016 Bridal Fashion Week set new and unpredicted trends for the season. Although the romantic lace and floral details continue to dominate, designers are finding new inspirations to freshen up the runways. We did extensive research from various sources and here’s the breakdown of the top 13 bridal fashion trends for Spring 2016.

1. Floral Details: 

Floral embellishments such as appliqués and petals add texture and depth to gowns.

Spring 2016 Bridal Trends


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Serj and I met in September of 2013. Our first date included an amazing dinner at Café Santorini in Pasadena followed by drinks at the beautiful Perch in Downtown. Never had I ever had a first date like this… filled with so much laughter, so much smiling, and really a wondering if it was all real. Serj and I are very opposite in many ways, but we’re also alike. We have different tastes in music and movies, but both love sports and spending time with family! It keeps our relationship so very much alive and always interesting.

Talar Story: First Photo of Talar and SerjOur first ever picture together

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In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we are thrilled to share with you an incredible recap video of the 2015 Harsanik Bridal Show created by Andrew Velazquez. On March 22, 2015, the Harsanik Team paired up with Andrew Velazquez and Anna Marti to bring to life the very first Harsanik Beauty Bar where nearly 100 bridal show guests were pampered with complimentary hair, makeup, brow shaping, spray tan, manicure/pedicure, or lash extension services at the Harsanik Bridal Show.

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We're thrilled to to share with you the winners of our Bride's Story competition! Last month we ran a contest to select the next Bride's Story blogger to feature on Harsanik. We were looking for a bride who would be willing to share her wedding planning journey on the Harsanik blog, giving us an update every two weeks on their latest adventures - from selecting the venue, finalizing guest list, working on the budget, choosing flowers, etc. We asked Harsanik users to submit their story and we were honored with the number of brides who shared with us a little about them, their fiancé, and their upcoming wedding. We sincerely want to thank everyone who applied to be the next Bride's Story blogger. We loved reading each of your stories!

The toughest part was selecting a winner. And with so many great stories, we decided to slightly bend the rules and pick TWO WINNERS instead of just one! Congratulations to Talar Shekherdimian and Christine Brungard for being the selected as the two Bride's Story bloggers for Harsanik! We are excited to share with you a brief introduction of Talar and Christine in this blog. In the next few weeks, Talar and Christine will begin sharing their stories on our blog so be sure to check in every week to read about their wedding planning adventures!

Announcing Our Bride's Story Winners

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Engagement photos have become a rite of passage for soon-to-be married couples. The location and theme of your photo shoot is both a reflection of your collective personalities, and a precedent for what’s to come at your wedding, so you want to choose carefully. Below are ten suggestions we’ve put together for those looking for a bit of guidance with selecting the location of your engagement or wedding photos in Los Angeles.

1. Disneyland:

The happiest place on earth makes for the most adorable engagement photos on earth. Plus, you get to spend the day at Disneyland. What’s not to love?

Engagement Photoshoot LocationsPhoto by Mher Vahakn
See more photos of Melissa & Saro Disneyland engagement photoshoot on our blog

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The sight of a tacky bridesmaid dress is enough to send shivers down the spines of even the toughest people! Lime green or hideously-burnt orange dresses, those with weird themes and lengths…the list can easily go on and on. If in the process of planning your wedding and want to ensure your bridesmaids are dressed to the proverbial nines, check out a few dress do’s and don’ts before you begin shopping. Your bridesmaids will definitely thank you!

Bridesmaid DressesPhoto by Rene Zadori Photography

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As Armenians, we’re well aware that the Armenian wedding process is no small feat; it is, in fact, from start to finish, quite the lavish affair. From the proposal, to the engagement party, to everything that leads up to the wedding and, of course, the wedding itself, copious amounts of flowers, food, drink, music and family are constantly present. At Harsanik, we like to celebrate these traditions, so we’re taking you through a series of blog posts, each highlighting an event that leads up to the most important day of our lives.

The Morning Before The Wedding Armenian Traditions


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Tveen and Vasken just had the most beautiful wedding in May. A stunning princess in a soft, gorgeous ballgown and a silver tiara, Tveen walked down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams. After years of friendship, they were wed with "God Bless the Broken Road" as a backdrop to their journey towards love. We're excited to feature this beautiful couple's journey, their romantic wedding at the beautiful Metropol Banquet, and their gorgeous wedding photos by Jay Jay Productions.

Featured Wedding - Tveen & Vasken

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