Last weekend, one of Hollywood's hottest couples, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, tied the knot in Palm Beach, Florida. Surrounded with friends and family, the couple began celebrating throughout the weekend and wed on Sunday, November 22, at the Breakers Resort. Their stunning wedding was filled with beautiful floral decor, celebrity guests, performances, amazing fashions, and lots of romance. 

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's Wedding

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From the morning of the wedding, there are always activities, appointments, celebrations, even unexpected events and time changes that occur. Therefore, in order to feel calm,, organized and avoid forgetting important things, it is important for every bride and groom to plan ahead and eliminate any last minute tasks on the day of their wedding. We've featured a checklist for you to utilize prior to your big day.

1. Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

Pack a wedding day emergency kit! This should include bobby pins, hair pins, band aids, hair spray, gel, baby wipes, stain remover, double sided tape, hemming tape, tissues, and touch up makeup.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Photo source Pinch Provisions

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For the last couple weeks, I've been researching wedding cake shops. I requested quotes from a couple of different vendors in order to help make a decision.  After all the research, the one that stood out to me was Cake Studio LA. Sonia designed the cake I loved while maintaining my budget.

Cake Studio LA

Photo by Armen Asadorian Photography

Cake Studio's designs are unlike any other but that's only half of what makes her cakes so desired. When she sent us her menu we had such a hard time deciding on the four we would try. Everything sounded so delicious. At the end we decided on Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Mocha-licious, Praline Cloud and Strawberry Short Cake.

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We are very excited to feature Ishtar and Lawrence's fairytale wedding. One glance at the beautiful photos of the newlyweds left us wanting more! So we spoke with Memorable Moments Event Planning and they shared all the details of this picture perfect wedding.  

Ishtar and Lawrence's Wedding

Ishtar Issa & Lawrence Mansour met in 2009 through their involvement in many humanitarian organizations to aid Assyrian Christians in Iraq. Upon their meeting, Ishtar and Lawrence knew they would spend the rest of their lives together, but the two put a hold on marriage in order to finish Law School. Christmas Eve of 2014, Ishtar was in her room when she overheard one of her favorite songs, John Legend’s “All of me” glaring from the backyard. She ran downstairs, opened the curtains to find a winter wonderland with “will you marry me” labeled in big Christmas lights. A long aisle way awaited her with past memories of the 6 years they had shared and at the end of the aisle was her prince charming waiting to seal the rest of their lives together with a special engagement ring!

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Based on Armenian tradition, often the morning of the wedding day becomes it's own spectacle. The way I understand or know it to be is that Serj, his family and ushers will be getting ready and essentially pre-partying at our home. I will be getting ready at my parent's house with my mom, sister-in-law, aunts, family and friends. Then, once Serj and his group are ready, they will make their way to my parent's house where the morning festivities will begin.

Food catering for morning of wedding

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You may be wondering why we are sharing this proposal video. Well, as it happens, Liam proposed to Amy last November and the couple are getting married this month! We recently came across their amazing theatre proposal video on BuzzFeed and knew we had to share with you. Liam and Amy had been together for 6 years when Liam decided to propose. Liam prepared a short music video to the song "Rude" by Magic! and premiered it in the beginning of a screening in a local theater. He told Amy he had to go to the bathroom before the movie started to stage the proposal. He even invited about 50 people to join them as he proposed to join them in celebrating their engagement! 


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Flower girls have a special place in every wedding as they pave the way for the bride! Traditionally, the flower girls toss flowers from their baskets as they walk down the aisle. Recently, we've seen different trends and alternatives for flowers and props. Here are our favorites.

Single Stems:

Instead of carrying a basket, have your flower girls carry a single stem of a similar flower to your bridal bouquet. For example Alliums, Peony and Dahlia are popular choices.

Single Stem flower for your flower girl

Photo source PopSugar

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Speeches have always been a major part of weddings. Whether it's a prepared speech for the audience or simple congratulations, everyone wants to leave their heartfelt messages for the newlyweds. However, due to time constraint, usually 1 to 2 people are given the opportunity to give a speech. Then, the bride and groom spend a while going to every table to say their thanks as their guests give them their blessings and pass on special wishes. Unfortunately, not all of them are captured nor remembered! We recently came across SpeechBooth, which is a great way to save these speeches and allow everyone at the wedding to pass on their special, fun, and even silly messages.

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One of the best parts of weddings is being gathered in a room full of people you know, don't know, haven't seen for a long time, or just met and dancing, drinking, eating and celebrating together all night! Weddings sometime become reunions for family, friends, and even a place where new friendships and relationships are made. Ultimately, they are a place where people connect! Imagine being familiarized with all the guests before you actually attended a wedding. You would feel more connected, comfortable and enjoy the wedding collectively. You would skip the lengthy introductions and in a way feel like old friends with everyone there. We recently came across Guesterly that does just that. Guesterly is basically a yearbook for your wedding! It is a wedding guide to who's who. As a guest, you’ll know how the other guests know the couple, learn about them, and even identify some of your long lost relatives! Guesterly focuses on the guests, making sure they love and enjoy the wedding as well.  

Guesterly Magazine

Photo source Guesterly 

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Fall 2016 Bridal Fashion Week just wrapped up setting a romantic mood for the season! The designers presented collections that were sensual, feminine, refined, elegant, and most of all light and simple! A few months ago, we shared with you the 13 Bridal Fashion Trends for Spring 2016.  Many of the Spring trends continued to Fall but were redefined to better fit the Fall Bride.

Fall 2016 Bridal

Some of the major trends for Fall 2016 include floral appliques, lace, beading, embroidery, pearls, petals, bows, sheer and corset bodices. In addition, full skirts, cropped tops, plunging necklines, high neck bibs, off-the-shoulder, mid length dresses, and removable skirts dominated the runways. Designers incorporated dense beadwork with weightless tulle, organza, and chiffon fabrics or padding and boning with layers of tulle to achieve the simple and light theme for the collections.

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