Wedding day makeup can be tricky but fun, as you’ll likely wear more cosmetics than normal but still want to look like yourself. Essentially the goal is to be the most beautiful version of you, explains featured Makeup/Brow Artist Andrew Velazquez. “Makeup is emotional! If you look good then you feel good!” Finding the right makeup artist is therefore vital, and trial runs where the artist comes to your house or you go to their space to test a look is highly recommended. At the trial is where together you can determine what the best look is for you, customized to compliment your features. If dreaming of a fresh, modern approach for your big day, check out some of the top wedding day makeup trends for this year!

wedding day makeup

Professional Makeup/Brow Artist Andrew Velazquez shares the latest wedding day trends along with beautiful photos for your inspiration. Have fun trying out these different looks with your makeup artist before deciding on one look for your special day!

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Technology has evolved exponentially within the last ten years, and the wedding planning process has joined the evolution. Where once, brides would carry around heavy binders filled with information on venues, caterers, photographers, and all other wedding vendors they were considering, today they have the luxury of browsing, calling, and ultimately choosing all of their vendors from one small, pocket-sized device, thanks to wedding planning smartphone apps. There are tons of wedding apps out there, each with a different layout or functionality. Here are our top 10 favorites. 

Wedding Apps

Photo source Pass the Bouquet 

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The first question people often ask when they hear you are engaged is, “so when is the big day?” and realistically, the answer is “whenever I find a hall.” At first, Serj and I were very adamant that we wanted to shy away from the typical Armenian banquet hall. Realistically our dream was to get married at Hummingbirds Nest Ranch in Santa Susana. We reserved a date, a random Saturday, then were told that the location had been booked almost all summer for the filming of a show or movie. So we started our search for an outdoor location all over again and our dreams of an outdoor wedding were quickly crushed when we learned about the costs and restrictions associated with those types of locations. 

talars story metropol

Photo by Metropol Banquet

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Your wedding photographer is one of the most important wedding vendors you choose. Some couples already know who they want to hire before there is even a ring involved! But others who are at the beginning stages of the planning process may not know how to assess one photographer’s services from another. While some couples use budget as their deciding factor, it is important to consider a photographer’s style and personality. Does their work speak to you? Are they someone you can get along with? Most couples may not realize that a photographer is like an extra member of their wedding party and will be with them all day. To navigate through this important and personal decision here are few questions to keep in mind.

wedding photography

Photo by Armen Asadorian Photography 

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Besides choosing your cake, sweets and decorations for your bridal shower, the fun games are a big part of the celebration. As the host, it's important to choose the right games to ensure your guests are having fun and participating in the event. Depending on the setting and your audience, you might choose simple or active games. Here are twelve fun game ideas. 

Bridal Shower Games

Photo by Rene Zadori Photography 

1. How well do you know the Bride & Groom? 

Have everyone try to answer 10-20 questions about the bride & groom-to-be to see who knows them best. 

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If you love seafood or you’re hosting an event where seafood matches the theme best, then you’re going to love Little Mermaid Smokehouse. Little Mermaid Smokehouse offers high quality seafood catering. The company specializes in seafood, making them unique and different from other catering services.

Little mermaid smokehouse

As you may be thinking, the name of the smokehouse is inspired by the Disney Character and means Jra Hars in Armenian. The company has been in business since 2012 and has 25 years of experience in the food industry. With the commitment to ensuring quality in every aspect, Little Mermaid Smokehouse is the manufacturer of their products. Meaning every item is made to order and freshly smoked. Some of their most popular items include Smoked Salmon, Smoked Sturgeon, and Smoked Balik/Kpitan.  

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Victor and I have had the most random conversations. One conversation I particularly remember well was when he asked me which of the buildings in Downtown, LA was my favorite. I responded, the one with four cylinders on the side of it. I didn’t think much of it at the time. 

Throughout the years, Victor has always told me that he wanted to take me to the Westin Bonaventure so we can experience “the rotating lounge”. The idea of the lounge is very cool. The top floor of the Westin rotates so that once an hour, you have had a total 360 degree view of Downtown, LA. I unfortunately suffer from motion sickness very easily so my immediate response was, absolutely not! 

Christine's story the proposal

Photo source Garuda Liberty Travel

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Armenian weddings have many traditions. The red and green ribbon ceremony is one such tradition. This ceremony is said to be an old Armenian tradition that has been passed down and kept mainly by Armenians in specific areas of Iran, such as Isfahan. As most traditions, there might be slight variations of its’ origins. 

In the old times, the crown that was placed on the bride and groom’s heads during the wedding ceremony was made of white, green and red threads. These colors signified peace, life, and sacrifice. The red and green ribbons are related to this tradition. Accordingly, green signifies life and red signifies sacrifice.

red and green ribbon ceremony

Photo by Vic Studios

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In Talar's first blog, we heard the story about how their relationship started. She also mentioned, Serj said if the Kings won at the Stanley Cup Championship, he would propose! Three months later, they were both in for a surprise. Here’s Talar and Serj’s proposal story, from the groom’s perspective! 

There comes a time in a man’s life where dreams turn into reality, especially when you make that choice to wake up from your dream! From our first date on, I knew I was living in a dream in the presence of Talar. I would refer our dates to my friends as being on “cloud 9” and how she would hear the good, the bad and the ugly in my day to day life yet remain very optimistic of my outcomes. She was always a positive and loving presence that I cherished to have week in and week out. That’s when I knew I wanted to turn this into a life long friendship. I say friendship because it’s not just love that keeps us together, but our passion to strive and be a strong presence in our Armenian community and family life.

talars story the proposal

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