I’m back and ready to reveal our reception and AND ceremony venue locations, but first I want to navigate you all through the most difficult decision Emin and I have had to make so far. In my last blog, I wrote about the three venues Emin and I first went to see: Metropol Banquet, Legacy Ballroom, and Vertigo. Since Emin and I have seen more than 20 venues I decided to do a quick recap on some of the venues and then reveal our final choice. Do you think you can guess which venue we chose before the final reveal? Good luck.

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Flower girls have a special place in every wedding as they pave the way for the bride! Traditionally, the flower girls toss flowers from their baskets as they walk down the aisle. Recently, we've seen different trends and alternatives for flowers and props. Here are our favorites.

Single Stems:

Instead of carrying a basket, have your flower girls carry a single stem of a similar flower to your bridal bouquet. For example Alliums, Peony and Dahlia are popular choices.

Single Stem flower for your flower girl

Photo source PopSugar

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From the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner to the morning of, every bride needs a few looks for the numerous events leading up to her special day! With Rent the Runway, you can wear your dream outfit to each event by renting designer dresses for less. In most cases, since each look is photographed and reserved for the specific day, brides only wear those outfits once anyways! And with Cyber Monday, you can save 30% off if you order today!

Rent the Runway Bridal Dresses

We browsed Rent the Runway and here are 12 of our favorite bridal dresses: 

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Greetings from wedding planning world! It has been a while since my last blog post, but I’m back with another edition of Emin and Manifa’s journey down the aisle. A lot has happened since we got engaged and I’m so excited to be sharing it with everyone! Grab some popcorn and prepare yourself for this next blog post because things are going to get crazy!

The last time I ever planned a big event was my sweet 16… over 10 years ago! And even then, technically my mom is the one who planned it. I just chose the color scheme. I never knew how difficult it is to plan such a big event. Like any “sane” woman I have planned and re-planned my wedding in my head about a million times, but when it has actually come down to it I have JUST realized how difficult planning actually is. My issue you ask? Well it’s every brides’ worst enemy…. BUDGET! My Pintrest board is filled with countless magical wedding ideas, but if I were to sit and tally up everything I ever wanted I would probably be spending more than that Armenian 10-million-dollar wedding! Here is where reality comes to play (a.k.a. The Dream Crasher). Sure, sitting around and pinning these wonderful wedding locations is easy, but actually finding the right place is the hardest task any Bride and Groom can undertake. Our journey to booking a venue was like going to hell and coming back.

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We're always on the lookout for the newest and most chic event venues around Los Angeles. So we're thrilled to feature Regency Event Venue, a newly remodeled space inspired by French-modern decor! The Regency consists of two distinct spaces, the Grand Ballroom and the Grey Room, so you can have your ceremony and reception all at the same location. And one of our favorite parts of this venue is that it comes with a neutral palette so it makes it easy to design the exact look you're looking for without having to be restricted to the venue's design limitations.

Inside Look at Regency Event Venue

We spoke with the Regency Team to learn more about the venue and its rich history. And we're excited to share an exclusive discount for all Harsanik users!

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It used to be that only women would choose custom for their wedding day. But we're seeing more and more men opting for a custom suit or tux on their wedding day. With this recent focus on men's fashion, we've spent some time working with JB Clothiers to learn more about the custom suit experience. Jerry Bakhchyan taught us the 3 most important elements in men's suits: Quality of Fabric, Construction Detail, and Fit. We recently had the opportunity to experience the custom suit process from start to finish. We shared Shant's experience and custom suit and now we are excited to share Garen's!

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Garen is an engineer. He doesn't wear suits often except for special occasions. He has basic knowledge about suits but prefers casual wear. This was his first custom suit fitting and here's our interview about his experience at JB Clothiers:

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Attention! Attention! Attention! WE HAVE BOOKED OUR PHOTOGRAPHER! Sorry I’m a little excited! Although planning a wedding is not an easy task, picking our photographer was a no brainer. I’ve become one of those brides that follows EVERY vendor on Instagram. My feed is full of weddings pictures! I was like this before I even started planning a wedding and one of my favorite photographers has been Sakosan for the longest time. I first discovered his photographs from a picture posted on their own Instagram and ever since that day I knew he was going to photograph my wedding. I've shared some of my favorite photos from Sakosan in this blog.

Selecting a Photographer

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We recently shared part one of Anil and Mary's Armenian Indian wedding featuring all the details of their Indian celebration. Followed by their Indian wedding, the couple held an Armenian wedding on August 4, 2017, with a ceremony at St. Mary's Armenian Apostolic Church and a stunning reception at Palladio Banquet Hall. We love how the couple combined all the traditions of these two rich cultures into their wedding.

We're excited to share the details of Mary and Anil's Armenian wedding along with the beautiful photos by Jay Jay Productions!

Anil and Mary's Armenian Wedding

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