Talar's Story: The End and The Beginning

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It's hard to believe that it's been six months since our wedding! It feels like just yesterday, I received an e-mail from Harsanik.com that I had won their contest to feature our wedding and blog about my wedding planning experience. I can't tell you all how lucky I feel to have been chosen to do this. So for my last blog, I wanted to take a minute to thank some people and give last minute advice.

Talar and Serj's

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First, a huge thank you to Marineh and team at Harsanik.com. The ability to share my story every two weeks not only helped me to organize myself and my planning but it also allowed me to create a diary of sorts that I can put away with all my other wedding related things to look back on for years to come. That, at least selfishly, was the best reward.

When I first started blogging, I had so many people approaching me and thanking me for being honest, sharing the prices and the timeline publicly. They felt it helped them have a better understanding of what they should expect when they plan their weddings. I never knew I had so many readers and followers. It excited me to write every other week and share a new experience.

Blogging also helped me build great relationships with my vendors. They each knew that I would write about their services and products and because of that I was provided with top-of-the-line service. So a great thank you to my vendors, and a reminder to always leave a great comment about those who served you well. Websites which rate services are most commonly used now-a-days and it's important for those who were pleased to applaud and recognize the work of the vendors.

Once the wedding was done, I didn't know what I wanted to do with the leftover items like the flower girl basket, the ring boy pillow, my veil, etc... Originally, I thought to sell them but for some reason, it just didn't feel right. So I took a chance and posted onto Facebook to see if any future brides could make use of the items. I have had people reach out to me for a few things and I decided to send them to the brides-to-be with a little note. Each piece was such a unique addition to my wedding and I wanted to remind brides that they too should know that every person, every item, every song played, every congratulations received is special and should be cherished.

Talar's Story

Talar's Story

To future brides...I can't say it enough... Wedding planning is stressful, and time consuming, and very detailed. Don't forget to have fun with it. Ultimately, don't worry about what everyone else thinks and without sounding too parental, do what you can within your means. Weddings are expensive, and you shouldn't spend based on what you'll get in return. I strongly encourage all couples to spend what they feel comfortable spending without breaking their backs and getting into financial hardship, your wedding is just one day.

That being said, it is truly one of the greatest days in your life and although the morning may start out a little slow, the rest of the day will be done within the blink of an eye. Enjoy every single minute of it, don't stop smiling, and don't stop dancing. Oh, and don't forget to take a minute to thank your parents! Remember that your wedding day is for them as much as it is for you.

I wish all future brides and their grooms a lifetime of good health, and happiness. I am available for any future bride who needs guidance, advice, or just someone to talk to during their wedding planning.


Talar Guedikian

Special thank you to Talar and Serj for sharing their wedding planning experience and wedding day with us. We enjoyed every minute of your beautiful love story and experience and we wish you all the best in this new chapter of your married lives! 

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