Capturing Your Proposal with Paparazzi Proposals

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Do you ever wish you were able to capture every detail of your proposal on camera?

Proposals are once in a lifetime events that embark a new chapter in a couple’s life. The reactions and emotions during a proposal are priceless and special and should be captured. However, with all the stress of planning, the surprise of the proposal and the overload of emotions, photos are often forgotten until after the proposal. 


Photo by Duke Photography

Some couples plan proposals with their family and friends, which makes it easier to capture, while others prefer a more romantic or private proposal, which unfortunately is left un-captured. We recently came across Paparazzi Proposals that help solve that problem. Paparazzi Proposals is a company with a team of experts and photographers who help plan every detail of proposals and secretly capture them all. Their services include the planning, the build up, and the proposal. The team stays hidden throughout the entire proposal until they are pointed out. This way, you can focus on the proposal and share the beautiful moment with your love while the team takes photos and videos. 

Paparazzi Proposals

Photo source Paparazzi Proposals

Paparazzi Proposals has helped many couples including celebrities plan and capture their special day.

Paparazzi Proposals

Photo source Paparazzi Proposals 

We love this idea! Check out their site for more information and inspirations. You can also inquire with your favorite photographer about capturing your engagement and being a part of your special day. 

We’d love to hear about your proposal stories. Share your story and photos to be featured in our favorites. 

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