JB Clothiers: Custom Suit Fitting Process

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Every man needs a well-tailored suit in his closet. But on his wedding day, he needs more than just that. As important as the wedding dress is to the bride, the suit is to the groom. With that in mind, nowadays, many men are opting for custom suits on their special day. Custom suits allow the groom to design and personalize his suit, look sharp, and of course wear it again!

To learn more about custom suits and the fitting process, we reached out to Jerry Bakhchyan, Designer & Founder of JB Clothiers. Jerry's a veteran in this industry with over 20 years of experience, and nearly 80 5-star reviews on Yelp, so we knew we were in good hands. Located in downtown Los Angeles, JB Clothiers provides bespoke suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, sports coats and more that are specifically tailored to your image and lifestyle. Bespoke suits are created from scratch to the customer’s exact measurements with total choice of design, fabric, and detailing. We had the pleasure of meeting with Jerry and learning all the details of a custom suit fitting experience.

To begin, Jerry shared the 3 most important factors in men’s suits:

1. Quality of Fabrics

2. Construction Details

3. Fit

All three aspects have to come together to create the perfect suit. Accordingly, Jerry pays close attention and invests time in each element.

For us, one of the most exciting parts is the ability for the customer to be a part of the process! Gone are the days when you'd pick something off the rack and pray it fits you well. At JB Clothiers, the client is involved in choosing every detail of his suit. In short, the fitting process is divided into 3 steps: Fabric Selection, Design, and Measurement. This applies to every aspect of the suit… the blazer, shirt, and pants.

1. Fabric Selection

The process begins with the customer choosing a fabric for his suit. Lost in books of beautiful fabrics, from normal weight to tropical, wool to linen, the customer gets to touch and feel each fabric to choose the specific one for his suit. Once the customer chooses the fabric for his suit, then he chooses the lining fabric. This is where he gets to be more creative and add colors, prints, and patterns for a more unique and personalized look. After choosing the fabrics for the suit and lining, the customer can choose a fabric for his shirt to match the suit. In this case, the customer gets to choose from a variety of fabrics such as Egyptian, Italian, Swiss, different thread counts, and different shades of colors. All of JB Clothier's shirt fabrics are 100% cotton and of the highest quality. And let’s just say, before this experience, we had never seen so many shades of white!

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

2. Design

Once the client chooses the fabrics, then comes the fun part of designing. This is where the client gets to make decisions about the details for his suit jacket, shirt, and pants. For example, for the suit jacket, the customer chooses the many details including stitching options, sleeve buttons, pipping, pocket styles, button holes, lapels, and more. For his shirt, details include the buttons, cuffs, lapels, color of the thread, and more. He can even style his pants with details such as snug tucks, waist band size, belt loops, pockets, and zipper color. For each piece, the customer can also add personalized monograms. And if the customer either has no preference or is overwhelmed by the many options, Jerry will guide him through the process and help make decisions to make things as easy as possible.

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

JB Clothiers Suit Fitting Process

3. Measurement

Upon finalizing the fabrics and design, the silhouette is molded to you and the measurement process begins. The construction is based on a free floating canvas, meaning there is never a set silhouette! Each client has a different body. Accordingly, Jerry takes more than 34 different body measurements to create a custom suit tailored specifically for the customer.

At the end of the fitting process, the customer feels excited because he has created his own design! As Jerry says, “I only help them create what they want… each customer has a unique taste, and we just enhance that and guide them through the process.” When you experience this, there is a sense of ownership and confidence which shows as you wear your custom suit! 

Jerry Bakhchyan

In upcoming blogs, we'll share our personal experience of getting two custom suits from JB Clothier. 

Now that you’ve got a sneak peek into the process, here’s how you can experience it all yourself. With just 3 visits, you can have your bespoke JB Clothiers suit! First, schedule an initial consultation and fitting, followed by a second fitting, and last visit to pick up your suit. The entire process usually takes about 3-4 weeks. And as a Harsanik user, you qualify for a Complimentary Wedding Accessories Package, which includes a tie, bow tie, pocket square, and a pair of cuff links. Plus JB Clothiers is offering Free Lifetime Alterations & Repairs, so whether you gain or lose weight, you can be sure your custom suit will remain the perfect fit.

Complete the form below and Jerry will contact you to schedule your complimentary consultation!


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