Christine's Story: Booking Our Honeymoon

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Victor and I knew that no matter where we went on our honeymoon, we would incorporate our culture and experience a new place to see together. We hoped to have the opportunity to experience the countries from which our families come from together one day.

Our good friend, Hrant Vartzbedian, invited Victor to join him and AGBU, the largest Armenian non-profit organization for a SARF dinner. Victor purchased a few raffle tickets. The grand prize was airfare to Armenia. A few weeks later we were absolutely shocked when Hrant told us that Victor had actually won the grand prize!



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Although visiting Armenia for our honeymoon would have been the most ideal, we unfortunately weren't able to coordinate the trip. We decided instead to look into booking a trip to Mexico this year, then for our one year anniversary, take a trip to Armenia!

My friend Shogher, had introduced me to the idea of going to Tulum early on. Tulum is located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. When we saw the crystal clear waterfalls, the underwater caves and the ancient Mayan ruins, we knew we had to go! I contacted Loris Fusco at Montrose Travel for more information and was happy to book our trip the same day. We're excited to explore more of ancient Mexico and book our trip to Armenia next year!

Tulum Honeymoon

Tulum Honeymoon

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