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Trndez is a beautiful Armenian tradition that takes place on the eve of February 13th or morning of February 14th. It's often referred to as the Armenian version of Valentine's Day. With Trndez around the corner, we're featuring our Bride's Story Manifa's blog from last year where she explains how she and Emin celebrated this Armenian holiday and shares a video of the two jumping over the fire!


Hello and Happy Trndez everyone! Well it’s a few days after, but still! I am so excited to be sharing this blog with you all. As many of you know Emin and I haven’t really participated in many Armenian traditions so when it came to celebrating Trndez we really wanted to make it all so authentic.

When we first got engaged my mother in law asked me if I wanted her to bring me a bajeen. This is the little gifts her and her family bring for me on certain holidays. I really didn’t care for any of them except Trndez. What is Trndez you all ask? Well it’s a holiday to celebrate new brides that is celebrated on the eve of February 13th or sometimes in the morning of February 14th. Usually the bride’s family invites the groom’s family to their house and the groom’s family brings some special foods and gifts for the bride. The bride and groom go to church together and bring home a candle which they use to light a fire. Once the fire is lit they walk around it three times and then jump over the fire three times. Doing this blesses them with a happy marriage.

Because I wanted to celebrate Trndez so bad, my mother in law contacted my mom two weeks before and let her know she wanted to come over with her family. Because Trndez fell on a Tuesday this year (February 13, 2018) we were a little hesitant about celebrating it on that day. We thought maybe we should do it the Friday before or the Friday after, but I really wanted to keep the tradition and celebrate it on the day of. So, we decided to just deal with the fact that it was during the work week and make it happen.

My mom and I spent a whole weekend preparing. Because the day was so close to Valentine’s Day I wanted to decorate the house with a bunch of hearts and roses. We went to Michaels and I went crazy with creating decorations. One of my favorite parts of decorating the house was all the small hearts that I hung from the ceiling. Our house honestly looked like Cupid threw up in it! Because we were celebrating on Tuesday we decided to keep the menu small and serve finger foods and appetizers instead of a dinner. My mom worked so hard to set up such a beautiful table.

On the day of Trndez I honestly felt like a chicken with her head cut off! I couldn’t take a day off so I had to go to work. Usually on Tuesdays we get off early so I planned to leave work, go get my nails done, pick up the food we ordered from Portos, get home, get ready, and I would be done before anyone even came over. That is not what happened however. I ended up getting off work late, my nail appointment was pushed back, and our Porto’s order wasn’t ready when I went to pick it up! By the time I left Burbank it was 5 o’clock, the time we had told our family to come over. Emin’s family was supposed to be at my house in 30 minutes and I wasn’t even home! I did what any sane girl would do, I called Emin and told him to lag it! Funny enough, my mom had also text him to come later.

By the time I got home and was finished getting ready Emin called that they had just entered our community. I ran downstairs and our wonderful night began. This was the first time a lot of Emin’s family were coming to our house so I was very excited to introduce them to my mom and my grandma. A lot of my family also were able to come celebrate with us so it was nice having both our families mingle and get to know each other. We danced, hung out, and even played some fun games. We were even able to ask my two cousins if they would be my bridesmaid and we asked my aunt if her son would be our ring boy! It was so much fun! Then we went outside and Emin and I lit the fire we would jump over. I have to stop here and thank Emin’s cousin Sarine for going to church and bringing us the candle we used to light the fire. I was honestly so upset that we didn’t have the time to go do it, but she was our angel that know and because of her we were able to do everything the traditional way! Our family guided us in how we were supposed to do everything. Because I was in heels and the fire was kind of big our Kavor helped me jump over it. After we jumped over the fire and everyone had a chance to as well we went inside and Emin and I served our guests with the traditional foods that his family had brought and made a toast thanking everyone for coming.

Overall this was one of my favorite celebrations that we had with our families so far. It was nice sticking to our Armenian traditions and participating in something that our own parents and grandparents had participated in. I am so thankful to my mother who went out of her way to open her house to so many people. She worked tirelessly to ensure that I got my perfect Trndez celebration. I am thankful to my family who came to celebrate on a weekday. Everyone literally just left work and came to my house and no matter how tired they were they smiled and enjoyed everything. I am also thankful to all my in laws who came and brought gifts and participated in this beautiful tradition with Emin and I.

To all the brides and grooms out there who are swaying away from our Armenian traditions, I want to say; I completely understand. Some things seem pointless and unnecessary, but sometimes when you give in and do things the traditional way you see the beauty in our culture. Emin and I aren’t having a traditional Armenian wedding but having a traditional Trndez was so amazing. It made me feel special that I am part of such a beautiful culture. People at work kept asking me why I looked so tired the next day and I was explaining to them what Trndez was and they were in awe as to what a wonderful tradition we had to celebrate love and youth. Let’s all continue to keep that alive!

Good bye for now. And happy planning!

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