Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

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It has been a long time Harsanik readers, but I am glad to be back with more of my journey down the aisle. For those who are reading my blogs for the first time, my name is Manifa and I have been planning my wedding since June 2017! Seems like it has been FOREVER! You can catch up on my wedding planning experience in Manifa's Story blog series. The date is now getting closer and I cannot wait to finalize everything and see how it all turns out on my wedding day. 

When it came down to planning all the little events that would happen before our wedding, my fiancé Emin and I, decided to keep the events to a minimum and just focus on planning the best wedding ever. My mom had reached out and offered to plan us an Engagement party, but we really didn’t want one so I asked her if she could throw me a bridal shower instead. I love bridal showers. They are one of my favorite events that happen before a wedding so I really wanted to have my own.  My mom agreed and from there we started planning. 

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Like my wedding, we booked a lot of our vendors really early. Most of them were an easy choice since we already had booked the best team for our wedding. I decided to just continue working with them to make my life easier. Plus, it would be a great preview of what to expect on our wedding day. I booked DJ Sevag for music, Petals LA for flowers, and Roobina’s Cake for the sweets.  

There were a few new vendors that I did book, however. Although I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the photographer and videographer that we have booked for our wedding, I wanted to work with someone different for my shower because it was a completely different style than my wedding. For my photos, I wanted something softer, more feminine, someone who was able to capture really good candid shots and make them look effortless. I didn’t have to search far because I have a family friend who was perfect for the job. Roman from IAmRTG! Roman is a really good friend and someone I really wanted to work with at some point in my life. His photos are phenomenal and he has such a great passion for photography. 

After booking Roman I asked him if he had a good video crew he preferred to work with. He recommended Tigran from My Forever Media. After looking through some of Tigran’s work I knew he would be the perfect fit. For our wedding, Emin and I wanted a very dramatic and theatrical kind of video, but for the shower, I wanted more home movie style, something that felt more emotional and connected to me personally. Tigran’s work was exactly that. He is able to capture real raw moments and create an emotional film that reminds you of all the amazing things that happened on your special day.  

Once all my vendors were booked it was time to find a place to have my shower. Surprisingly this was a very easy task. Living in Sunland and driving to Sun Valley at least once a week, I always pass Pearl Banquet Hall. I had always been curious what it looked like inside. I hadn’t really seen a lot of people have their events there so I decided to call and make an appointment to see the hall. Walking in I INSTANTLY knew that Pearl was perfect for me. It wasn’t too small, just the right size and it was stunning. Beautiful wood floors a crystal dance floor, custom tables, and chairs. I didn’t need to do much to make it fit what I wanted. We booked Pearl the same day and didn’t even bother going to any other banquet halls.

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Planning my shower seemed to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done. As most of you who follow my blogs know when it came to planning my wedding I already have a very vivid vision of what I want so hiring vendors and coming up with design plans was easy. With my shower, there were a lot of key factors that I wanted to include that kind of blocked my creativity.

One of the most important key factors was that I wanted to wear my mom’s engagement dress! My mom got engaged over 30 years ago and she kept her dress which was custom made for her. I remember as a little girl I would always say that I am going to wear that dress to my engagement and since we weren’t having one I HAD to wear it to my shower. No if's and's or but's!! The process of finding someone who can work with 30-year-old material was hard, but I ended up finding the BEST tailor ever, Emma from Emma’s Creations. She has a lot of experience working with brides who want to update/modernize old dresses to use for their events. This dress cut out a lot of my design ideas because of the color and style. Here I am wanting to wear a vintage dress at a banquet hall that is very modern. It didn’t seem to match anything.

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

My mom on her Engagement day wearing her dress!

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

 The dress now; being altered for me!

The second key factor was a design idea I had seen on Pinterest that I JUST HAD to include in my shower. I could not find ANYWHERE to purchase the item I was dreaming about and I looked EVERYWHERE. For about 10 months my shower was completely unplanned. I had zero clues as to what I was doing and I couldn’t cancel anything at this point. During a hookah session with my best friend Tara (You guys HAVE to read her proposal blog!), we started talking about bridal shower planning and I told her all my frustrations. Tara being incredibly artistic and creative started suggesting ideas. From there a switch turned on and my creativity started flowing. Having a pink-themed shower is very difficult because there is a thin line that, if you cross, makes the bridal shower seem more like a baby shower. Tara suggested instead of sticking to one shade of pink I should incorporate all different shades and throw in some silver to match the modern banquet hall. From there it was a time crunch to get everything ready.

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Being the handy/crafty person I am, I decided to attempt to hand make the design idea I had seen on Pinterest. I drafted a few ideas and showed them to Emin. After explaining to him what exactly I had in mind Emin came up with a pretty genius idea. We would need some heavy-duty tools and a large space to do the job, but since we own a body shop it was no problem. One gloomy, rainy Sunday we headed over to Home Depot, bought all the materials we needed and headed to the shop to get to work. I sketched out the designs, Emin cut them, and I helped put it all together. It took us about 8 hours, a few arguments, lots of mistakes, and a lot of laughing to get the project done, but once it was completed I was in love. 

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Manifa's Story: Planning my Bridal Shower

Although I waited until 2 months before my shower to start planning everything, I am extremely happy with how everything turned out! Thanks to my mom, Tara, and Emin I was able to bring my vision to life. I have been running around and finalizing things until this last week because I started so late, but I’m sure it will all be worth it on Sunday. Now all that is left is actually having the event.  

Having my bridal shower makes my wedding seem so close. I can’t believe that we can officially start handing out wedding invitations at the end of this month! Planning a wedding in 2 years is not tough at all, but having to WAIT 24 MONTHS to actually get to the good stuff is painful. Now I’m kind of wishing it would all slow down so I can enjoy it more. I’m glad all my bridal shower planning is over because now I can go back to wedding planning. I’ll be back soon with more updates for my wedding, but until then make sure you are following Harsanik’s Instagram page to follow me through my bridal shower on Sunday. I am so excited to be taking over on IG Stories to show everyone how everything came out. 

Best wishes to you all and Happy Planning!! 



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