The Royal Wedding Is Coming Up Soon!

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*REPOST: Original blog from April 2011*

One of the most anticipated weddings of the century is here! Prince William and Kate Middleton will be getting married on Friday, April 29th at the Westminster Abbey in England.

As much of a production Armenian weddings tend to be, they are nothing close to the Royal Wedding! We were surprised to see the guest count was 1,900 people!! Can you imagine that large of a wedding?!

And you thought Armenian invitations can be gaudy? Well I guess when you are part of the Royal Family, it's OK to have die stamped gold on your invitation.

That's pretty much where the similarities come to an end. The Royal Wedding will start at 11am on Friday (I guess there's no pre-party at the soon-to-be Princess' parent's house). Kate Middleton has decided that she would prefer arriving by car instead of the traditional carriage. However, the couple plans to leave Westminster Abbey in a beautiful and picturesque carriage.

What are they doing after the ceremony, you ask? According to People Magazine, Queen Elizabeth is going to be hosting a breakfast with champagne and canapés (AKA  hors d'oevres) for 600 guests. And later that evening, Prince Charles will be hosting a dinner dance for 300 guests, where Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales will change into an evening gown.

We can't wait to see how the Royal Wedding turns out! For now, here are a few pictures of the couple from their engagement photo shoot. Check out the gorgeous engagement ring on Kate's finger. It's the same ring worn by Princess Diana, a sapphire ring surrounded by 14 diamonds. All photos are by Mario Testino - Copyright 2010.

UPDATE: We are providing live coverage of the Royal Wedding on our Facebook page. So follow us to get the real time updates! Or check out our recap blog - The Royal Wedding Was An Absolute Success!

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Photo Shoot
Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Photo Shoot

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