Reviews written by LucyArin

So basically DJ Live Rocked the house on June 28,2013 at our engagement party!!!! He knew exactly how to keep the party going! I only asked him to play a few of songs - 9 to be exact and he went above and beyond to play songs that would make us dance our feet off! I have never seen such a amazing DJ who is not only one of a kind but best in town! Thank u so much for making our night one of a kind we danced so much that even today my legs feel sore but now I can't wait to party for our wedding! 01.10.2015 we ready to dance till we can't dance no more!! Highly recommending DJ Live for all parties his kind and fantastic and amazing!!!! He knows how to make the crowd feel welcomed and dance till they can't dance no more!!!!! Wooohoooo DJ live you're number 1 DJ for us!
Jul 3rd, 2013