The Great Caesar Banquet Hall

6723 Foothill Blvd
Tujunga, CA 91042
(818) 951-6444//Email//Map//
The Great Caesar Banquet Hall is a full service venue that will create the wedding or special event of your dreams.

The Great Caesar Banquet Hall's unique menu of authentic cuisine combined with stunning interior and superb artwork has made it an exclusive place for a memorable celebration of any occasion.

The Great Caesar Banquet Hall can accommodate more than 500 guests.


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Over the TOP!

Where should I start ????
The Venue: This place is beautiful and pleasant with a high ceiling and Roman style decoration all over the place. The lighting is great and gives the place a warm and welcoming feeling. You have the choice of choosing the color of the lighting which is awesome! The dance floor is perfectly located in the middle of the hall which makes it visible and accessible to both sides of the banquet hall. This place has all the equipments to make the special occasion as great as it can get!
The staff: Very nice and helpful. The waiter/waitresses are very nice, attending and careful. There is always someone at the table who keeps the glasses full and the plates clean. The valet people are also polite with a smile on their face at all the time!
The Food: AWESOMELY DELICIOUS! The food at this place never disappoints! Always meets and goes above expectation! The kabobs are super juicy and flavorful. The fish is mouthwatering! And whats the best part? The servers will make sure to bring the food you like again and again till you are satisfied! The food keeps coming the whole time and they have an awesome variety of tasteful food.

My experience:
I have been at this place several times as a wedding guest, and we had OUR OWN WEDDING here.

As a guest: I've never been disappointed by this place whenever I attended a wedding here. The service is always top of the line. The same great service, same great food, and most of the times with a nice twist and sweet surprise addition to the food or the service.

As a Bride: First I should say that our wedding was in July 2011. We had over 420 guests! We had just bought our first house and we were super tight on the budget. We had no margin of error on spending! The owner "Hamlet" is such a professional and nice person. He got us a great deal with a service that topped our and our guests expectation. I called him 100 times to ask about different stuff, and EVERY SINGLE TIME he responded to all my questions and concerns with a warm and attending attitude. Before choosing this place as our wedding venue, we checked every single banquet hall in Glendale, Burbank, Tujunga area. This place was the only place that had everything together: the look, the classiness, the cuisine, the awesome price, and professionality. I was too busy with lots of stuff going on in our life at that period of time, and too stressed out with all the work. This place handled everything perfectly and without any lack of attention to details. It just saved me too much energy to work on other stuff. This is what you get when a professional person handles the situation. There is no extra worry and stress coming from this main part of the occasion.
The service was great. Our guests were extremely satisfied with the beautiful venue and great service. The food and drink was flowing nonstop. The servers were always present and taking care of the needs. Our bridal party was served with bite size kabobs in the cute bridal room before going in the main hall and having the dinner. A great surprise to me was that our guests were served food and drinks in the waiting area while a violinist (provided by the banquet hall) was playing music. Such a nice addition without me knowing about it :) During the reception, the owner was constantly present and controlling the quality of serving and taking care of the situation. Oh and I forgot about he delicious ice cream! Guests loved it! The fruit table was gorgeous and impressive. The fruit vases were constantly refilled. I really can't brag enough about the quality of food and service.
The conclusion is that if you want to have a special occasion without worry and stress, with perfect service THIS IS THE PLACE TO CHOOSE. I referred many people to this place and honestly not one of them had complaints about it. Every time I get a wedding invitation for this place, I always look forward for the day to come! I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to host a great event with perfect service and a sweet memory that sticks to you for a long long time :)
Posted By: | Jul 14th, 2013 | View all my reviews
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Caesar Is Awesome!!!

5 Stars for Best Service, Design, Atmosphere, Excellent food, Lighting and Class. Hamlet-the owner was really nice with the planning of my wedding. Everyone LOVED the food...they couldn't believe the amount of food that kept coming out. Also the fruit table was AMAZING...I loved the fruit decorations and the chocolate fountain. Thank you so much for everything.
Posted By: | Jun 21st, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Awesome Place

Oh man it's TRULY Caesar Palace. I have been hosting a dinner dance every year, and I have truly been satisfied with SERVICE, LOCATION, ATMOSPHERE and best of all CLASSY place to have all occasions. Great Job Hamlet for having a place like this.
Posted By: | Oct 29th, 2007 | View all my reviews
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