10 Signature Cocktails For Your Wedding

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During your wedding, the morning celebration or cocktail hour before reception, make a statement with your signature cocktails. Add a personal touch and tell your story in a thoughtful way. Based on the season, venue, color scheme, your heritage or even details about you and your soul mate, serve the drinks that best describe you and your party. Add juices, slices of fruits, edible flowers, and different flavors to spice up the cocktails and let your guests indulge in their drinks! Lucky for you, there are cocktails in every flavor and color of the rainbow.

After all, you are what you drink, so choose wisely!

Here are 10 ideas to help you choose the perfect cocktail for your wedding. 

1. Floral theme:

Incorporate your favorite flowers into your cocktails. 

wedding cocktails

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2. Color Schemes: 

Based on your color scheme, add a touch of color. For instance, for a lavender theme, add a sprig of lavender to your drinks. 

wedding cocktails

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3. Summer wedding:

Add popsicles to your drinks to set a fun and playful mood for a daytime celebration. 

wedding cocktails

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4. Heritage style:

What better way to add a touch of your Armenian heritage than pomegranate shots! 

wedding cocktails

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5. Winter wedding:

Coconut and Vanilla help create a frosty and blue snowball cocktail! 

wedding cocktails

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6. Black tie wedding:

Serve black and white Martinis by simply adding olive stirrers to straight Martinis. 

wedding cocktails

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7. Classic:

Serve the ultimate classic cocktail, the Manhattan, with a little twist!

wedding cocktails

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8. All white theme:

To go along with the all white trend, serve these beautiful white cosmopolitan cocktails. 

wedding cocktails

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9. Cool wedding:

Add slices of cucumber and fresh mint to keep your guests cool!

wedding cocktails

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10. Simply chic:

Add glitter to your champagnes for a chic wedding.

wedding cocktails

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Which cocktail best describes you?! Tell us your favorites.  

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