Christine's Story: Save the Date

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My cousin, Armine sent me a text one day that read “Just an idea” with a photo of a couple’s save the date cards that read “Coming Soon” and their wedding date, outside of a theatre. I thought this was the cutest idea ever because of my background in the entertainment industry and I really wanted to make it come to life. I showed the photo to Victor and immediately texted our great friend, Haik, who had taken our engagement photos as well. Victor loved the idea and Haik said “Let’s shoot it!”

Christine and Victor Save the Date

I wanted a really original theatre, particularly one where we could be photographed by ourselves without the distraction of others in the background. After much thought, I found the perfect theatre. Because of endorsement issues, I had to blur the name out of my photos (on this blog). I am absolutely in love with the way the photos came out.

Christine and Victor Save the Date Photoshoot

Christine and Victor Save the Date Photoshoot

Because the theatre is on a studio lot, we had to be fairly quick. We went dressed and ready to go and took about a 15 minute shoot before we had to say goodbye. The photos came out amazing. The hardest part was picking one to use as our save the date cards since we loved them all so much. Can’t wait to hand them out! Save the date July 3, 2016!

Christine and Victor: Save the date



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