Christine's Story: Trndez Celebration

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Happy Trndez! For those not familiar with this Armenian tradition, we're featuring Christine's blog from 2016 where she explains this Armenian holiday that takes place on February 13th.


Last weekend, Victor and I, celebrated a very special day, Trndez, with our families. Trndez or Candlemas Day is considered to be one of the most loved holidays among newly engaged couples and newlyweds. According to church rituals originating from Ancient Armenia, Christian Armenians create a bonfire which "resembles the Lord's light and warmth". Traditionally, newly engaged or newlyweds jump over the fire symbolizing joy and happiness. Trndez takes place on the evening of February 13th overlapping with Valentine's Day! 

Our families gathered last Saturday to celebrate our Trndez where we had traditional Armenian pastries and treats and the most symbolic part of the ceremony, a bonfire. As night fell, we started the bonfire. We circled the fire seven times with the guidance of my Anush morkoor, then Victor and I held hands and jumped over the fire.

Throughout the night, we enjoyed each other's company. We had delicious food from Anoush Catering. My family brought traditional treats like the gorgeous pastries in the shape of various fruits  and my cousin, Adrine, made a special cocktail to match the theme. We truly had a wonderful evening. Among the many Armenian traditions, Trndez is completely new to Victor. Hence, it was important to me to share some of my family's traditions with Victor. 

Trndez Celebration

Trndez Celebration

Trndez Celebration

Trndez Celebration

Looking forward to sharing more traditions from both of our families!



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