Christine's Story: My Bridal Headpiece

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I've been on a mission to find the perfect headpiece for my wedding. Initially I had a very hard time staying in budget. I fell in love with a headpiece that was over budget, it was closer to $500. After I saw this headpiece, I had an idea of what I wanted. I shopped around for a while but didn't find anything similar.

Bridal Headpiece

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Last weekend, my mom and I went Downtown in search of some other items for my wedding and bridal shower. I happened to stumble across a store called Royal Bridal Accessories. When I walked in, all I saw was sparkle! I glanced through the glass cases and there it was, the headpiece I had spent the last year searching for. I didn't get my hopes up right away, knowing it was a pricey headpiece. The staff was very helpful though. Much to my pleasure, the headpiece was a fraction of the cost here!

Christine's Headpiece

Christine's Headpiece

I recommend that ever bride stop in Royal Bridal Accessories for headpieces, jewelry sets and even veils. They had a gorgeous selection. 

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