Christine's Story: Flower Girl Outfits

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Guests at the wedding are always left in awe when they see the flower girls walking down the aisle. Feeling inspired by the children's runway show at the Harsanik Bridal Show, I decided instead of the girls walking alone, we would have boys walk them down the aisle.

Bridal Show Flower Girl

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Knowing that, we started searching for the perfect outfits. We decided that the boys will wear blue suits that match the groom and his groomsmen and the girls will wear puffy white dresses that slightly resemble my wedding dress! Initially, I had a hard time finding dresses for the flower girls. We went to different stores in the gallerias surrounding the area as well as downtown LA, but we didn't have any luck.

My wedding planner, Adena at Eminence Events, suggested I look online. She sent me a couple of dresses to choose from. She had found the perfect dress on Amazon Fashion out of all places. I was pleasantly surprised when the dresses came. They are the cutest and I absolutely adore them.

Flower Girl Dress

Flower Girl Dress

I can't wait to see the kids walk down the aisle in their adorable outfits!

Only 5 days until our big day! 



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