An Engagement Story: Peter and Lucina

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Peter and Lucina recently got engaged with an adorable proposal as Peter recreated where they first met! We spoke with the bride to be, Lucina, and she shared all the details of their love story beginning from the first hello till "I do" and a full proposal video. 

Peter and Lucina's Proposal Story

It all started on November 14, 2012 at Ellwood Beach with a bonfire and some wine...

Lucina had just started her freshman year at the University of California, Santa Barbara and was feeling very homesick. She would call her mom every day, crying, and saying how much she wanted to go back home. Luckily, Lucina's mom was not giving up! She had found UCSB's Armenian Student Association page on Facebook and encouraged Lucina to attend their upcoming event at a bonfire. Lucina refused to go to study but when the day came her friend Michelle and her decided to go the party.

Everyone was going to meet at one house and drive to the bonfire together. The house happened to be where her now fiancé Peter lived. Lucina had noticed Peter at one of the previous ASA meetings where being one of the executives he was the center of attention. Peter had caught Lucina's attention at the meetings and even exchanged a few words to spark conversation.

Going back to the party, once they all arrived at the bonfire, Lucina decided to take on one full bottle of wine to herself. Mind you, the most wine she had ever drank was a glass with dinner here and there. After a bottle and some conversations with friends, Lucina asked Peter if she could have some of his wine. Peter then came over by Lucina and poured her half of his bottle. He lay down next to her in the sand and stared at the sky! Lucina joined Peter to watch the stars together. He asked her " Do you know how you can tell which ones are stars and which ones are planets?" and started to explain "those that twinkle are stars...those that don't are planets..." Lucina thought it was so cute lying down, getting lost starring at the stars and the moon...

After a while Peter asked Lucina on a walk. Having had drank a whole bottle of wine, Lucina was far from sober! She remembers returning from their romantic walk and passing out by the fire. She later heard from her friends that she refused to leave the fireside and had to be carried back home!

Feeling embarrassed about the situation, the next day Lucina decided to text everyone to thank them for taking caring of her. Following that Peter asked Lucina to go to a birthday party with him and since then the two have been inseparable!

We love this modern version fairytale of Lucina and Peter meeting over a bonfire, wine, romantic walks on the beach...

Fast-forwarding exactly 3 years and 1 week from when they first met, Lucina and Peter were going back home to Los Angeles over the weekend for her sister Naré's dance concert. The week before Peter had told Lucina that since the concert was on Sunday, he wanted to take her out to dinner on Saturday night. Lucina didn't think anything of it at the time, besides the fact that it was a sweet gesture to take her out without an occasion.

Peter loves surprising Lucina any chance he gets, so it wasn't out of the ordinary that he wasn't telling Lucina his plans for the night. To make it even more adorable, Peter called Lucina before they left to Los Angeles, to inform her about his outfit and make sure she dresses accordingly. After a few outfits and her roommate Annie's encouragement, Lucina wore a fancier dress and heels. Remembering back, she is thankful she picked up her fancy outfit! Came Saturday and unlike any other day, Lucina started getting ready early as coincidentally her mom and sister joked about Peter proposing at night.

As Peter and Lucina drove to the Tanzy restaurant in Westwood, Lucina noticed Peter's sweaty palms but didn't pay much attention to it. They arrived about 45 minutes early to their reservation...Everyone at the restaurant was aware about Peter plans so they greeted the couple with big smiles and lead them to a beautiful lounge area with a fire pit.

Lucina and Peter started ordering and got some wine to begin their night. Peter was recreating the first time they met at the bonfire and the wine. Lost in romance, the couple exchanged kisses and continued their conversation. To help capture what was about to happen, Peter had hired Ludwigraphy photography and video and saved their number as his sister in his phone. Peter encouraged Lucina to finish her food so they can attend a family BBQ. As they finished and walked out of the restaurant, there it was! A big beautiful sign by Nora's Designed Flowers with an abundance of red roses all over, candles, petals on the floor, written "Lucina will you marry me?" in purple glitter!

Peter and Lucina's Proposal Story

Peter and Lucina's Proposal Story

Peter and Lucina's Proposal Story

Lucina explains, "I don't remember exactly how I reacted because to this day it still feels like a dream to me. It's like time froze still at that second and it was just me and the love of my life in the world at that moment. Both of us instantly teared up and I just couldn't look anywhere else but into his eyes. Apparently, I didn't even look away for a second to give him time to take the ring out & go down on one knee (oops!). Next thing I know my soul mate is on his knee, looking up at me with the biggest smile, and eyes full of tears...oh and lets not forget the most gorgeous ring I have ever set my eyes on. I wish I could remember exactly what he said but my emotions got the best of me. All I remember is "You are the light of my life...will you marry me?" and my response was "Of course!"

Peter and Lucina Proposal Story

Peter and Lucina Proposal Story

Peter and Lucina Proposal Story

Peter and Lucina's Proposal Story

She said yes! As the couple celebrated with lots of kisses and tears, the secret photographers caught every precious moment on camera. The couple will have their engagement party on August 14, 2016 to begin wedding planning and start this new chapter of their lives.

Lucina says, "I could not be happier that I get to marry my other half and we get to continue our fairytale together throughout our lifetime. I am so incredibly blessed to love and to be loved by the most amazing man and I beyond excited for the journey God has in store for us."

Congratulations Lucina and Peter on your engagement!

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