Top 12 Bridal Shower Game Ideas

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Besides choosing your cake, sweets and decorations for your bridal shower, the fun games are a big part of the celebration. As the host, it's important to choose the right games to ensure your guests are having fun and participating in the event. Depending on the setting and your audience, you might choose simple or active games. Here are twelve fun game ideas. 

Bridal Shower Games

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1. How well do you know the Bride & Groom? 

Have everyone try to answer 10-20 questions about the bride & groom-to-be to see who knows them best. 

2. Marriage Advice

Have your guests write down advice for how to have a long-lasting and fun marriage.

3. Design the Dress

Let your guests showcase their creativity by designing a wedding dress or accessory. You can have them use toilet paper, newspaper or give them a bag filled with random objects, including trash bags, rubber bands and aluminum foil and see what they come up with!

4. Scratchers

Buy bridal scratchers and have your guests reveal their cards. Whoever's card reads "I DO" wins. There are a variety of scratchers available on Etsy for different versions of this game! 

Bridal Shower Games Scratch off

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5. Pin the Groom!

Prepare a poster size picture of the groom. Blindfold your guests and ask them to pin a wedding ring on the poster. Whoever pins the ring closest to the groom's finger wins. Other variations can be pinning kisses or lacy lingerie for a risqué shower. 

6. Counter

Pass around a container filled with candy, pennies or other small objects and have your guests guess how many there are in the container.

7. What’s In Your Purse?

Create a list of 20 items found in a purse and see which one of your guests has the most number of the listed items.

8. Mitts and Hose

Give the participants oven mitts and a pair of nylon hose. They have to put on the oven mitts first and then try to put on the nylon hose. Whoever puts it on first, wins! 

9. Recipe Cards

Include a blank index sized card or a personalized recipe card with your invitation and request guests to write a recipe and bring to your shower. Pick your favorite recipe as the winner and share with your guests.

Bridal Shower Games Recipe

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10. Cross Your Legs

Give each guest a mini clothes pin, beaded bracelet, or any other small item they can easily wear and display. The object of the game is for guests to take the item away from another guest who is caught crossing their legs. The winner is the person who has confiscated the most pins from other guests. This game is played in different versions as well. For example some choose one or more forbidden words and if guests are caught saying them then the item can be taken away. 

11. Suitcase

Have your guests guess what the bride will be packing for her honeymoon. Either choose based on who can guess the most accurate list or pre-select some of the most interesting items you'll be packing to choose a winner.

12. Bridal Bingo

Who doesn't love Bingo! Make bingo cards with words related to the wedding and the couple or purchase ready made Bridal bingo cards. The bride can call out these words and the first guest to get Bingo wins a prize.  

Bridal Shower Games Bingo

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Once you choose your favorite games, remember to prepare the materials and plan a schedule for a well organized and fun bridal shower party.  What are your favorite bridal shower games? 

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