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Rafi's Pastry & Cakes offers delicious cakes for all your special occasions, including weddings and engagements.



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Never called me back or responded to any of my ema

Customer service sucks! I have tried to get a cake three times for 3 different occasions since January and I've NEVER received a phone call response nor a response to my many emails. I'm not sure how they have so many clients if they never respond to anyone. Do you have something against me personally? You don't even know me!
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You Won't be Disappointed

I don''t really like leaving reviews but I just had to for Rafi. He did my engagement cake and there was just one word for it...PHENOMENAL!!! It looked exactly how I pictured it in my head and went perfectly with my 20's theme. Not only did it look amazing but it tasted just as good. He also did my best friend's engagement cake and her's was out of this world.
He is very professional but nice at the same time. I will be booking him for all my events. You can't go wrong with the best :)
Posted By: | Nov 22nd, 2013 | View all my reviews
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The Best!

We had Rafi make our engagement and wedding cake, he did an amazing job on both of them. We love him and his work. His the best person to work with. Very friendly and a master of his craft. We will be using him for a long time to come for other events.
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Amazing Experience!!!!

It takes a lot for me to write a review, I have been waiting to come back from my honeymoon and settle in so I could finally write a review on my wedding vendors. Raffi's pastry is the first review I wanted to write about because of how well my experience was with him. I came to Raffi with the design of the cake I wanted, we sat down and designed the cake layer by layer exactly how I wanted it and pictured it.

When I went to my hall the day of the wedding everyone asked me if I saw my cake and I had yet to see it. Finally when I had a chance to see my cake I was so impressed of how beautiful and elegant it was and it turned out exactly how i pictured it, I just didn't expect it to be reality. It took me a few minutes to really take in how beautiful the cake was. It looked amazing and it tasted even better.

Raffi was never cocky like a lot of other pastry chefs, nor was so expensive or greedy. He told me to bring in my deposit whenever I wanted, never did I feel rushed. Sometimes I had to deal with his sister who was not always friendly, but she was helpful.

I plan on going to Raffi for all my cake needs!!!
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Worst wedding cake

It takes a lot for me to actually write a review, but Rafi was really a disappointment. The first meeting with him was very casual, but I should have realized from the beginning not to trust him because all the pictures he showed us were NOT even his cakes! They were other cake designers pictures he simply downloaded on his ipad and talking us into replicating others' work. This should have been a que, but anyway, we decided to go with him because his pricing was a bit cheaper. It's true when they say you get what you pay for. During the design process, he constantly tried to push his old designs and was trying to convince us to use "recycled designs" to make his job easier, at least that's what it looked like. It was a nightmare trying to show him my dress design to incorporate into my cake. I think he's just too tired or not open to new ideas at all. Anyhow, we settled for a nice cake, but came wedding day and oh boy was I disappointed. The cake showed up at 9pm!!!! I clearly told him to not be late since I heard from others that he's not precise on time. This was the worst wedding cake. It showed up crooked and cracks in the fondant. My bridesmaids were sticking fresh flowers to cover it up. Anyway, his pastries might be decent, but never would I trust him with an event cake. He is too all over the place and confused. Very disappointed Bride & Groom.
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Amazing work and taste

You can't go wrong with it! Rafi's Cakes taste great ...and they look amazing!
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I just love the taste and the work of art on his c

I have already had three cakes made by Rafi and they all turned out amazing and just so yummy, I can't wait for another event to have another cake made by Rafi , he is also very friendly and helpful. We also had ordered macaroons and they were just delicious, yum can't get enough of his cakes. Thank you!
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One decent person in the wedding industry

After dealing with so many shady businessmen/women during our wedding planning process, meeting Raffi was like a breath of fresh air. He is such an honest, decent human being and is not trying to squeeze your last dollar out of you like everyone else in this business.

His cakes are soooo tasty and he is so talented that he made the most beautiful cake for us for half the price of most other quotes we got from Armenian bakeries. He is the easiest person to deal with; no b.s., no hidden fees, and no last minute surprises. Don't even waste your time shopping around...
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Simply Amazing!!!!!

Rafi is the nicest person I have ever met! A person who truly knows how to please his customers... Rafi did my wedding cake and I have to say that I have never seen such a simple cake look so amazingly elegant and gorgeous.... everyone was talking about the cake...not only the design but the flavors... we chose the German chocolate cake and the orange peel cake and OMG... they were both delicious!!! I knew that Rafi had a reputation but now, I know why. He deserves it!

He took his time helping my husband and I design the cake that we wanted and brought to life something even more amazing then we imagined!

If you like elegant and amazing, Rafi is the guy for you!!! He is kind, patient and extremely talented!

Can't wait for the next event... I will definitely be calling Rafi again!!!!!!
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Rafi is super talented and a such a sweetheart!

Thanks to Rafi the biggest surprise for my guests and the talk of the night was the cake! He pulled off such an amazing cake with such talent and elegance that he even shocked me when I saw it and I already had 100% faith in him. I looked all over for someone who could make me the cake I wanted for my wedding and I was disappointed time and again until I came to Rafi. He knew exactly what I wanted and his pricing is so great compared to others. He is such a sweet heart and is truly talented not to mention his cakes not only look amazing but they taste sooo good. I will be using no one else but Rafi for any event from now on! Thanks Rafi!
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Engagement Fiasco

I ordered mini cakes for my engagement from Rafi\\'s bakery. Rafi was super nice and helpful during the planning and ordering of the mini cakes. The day of my engagement I went to pick up my order which was supposed to include the stands to display the mini cakes and 50 mini peach colored cakes but what I got instead was horrific shock and disappointment. 2 hours before my pick up I received a phone call from the bakery that told me the peach color for the fondant did not turn out well so they used white instead. I initially appreciated the phone call because I thought they were looking out for my best interest however that definitely was not the case. The lady behind the counter told me to put the mini cakes in the refrigerator right when I got home. I was horrified because I had a cake table all set up since they said they would freeze the mini cakes so that I can display them on the stands they were supposed to provide me... Stand were not provided as promised. The cakes were baked last minute so if they were left outside for even 10 minutes they would melt. The fondant lacked smoothness because it was cooked last minute and were placed in boxes without dividers. So on my way home the cakes were sliding back and forth, left to right, which resulted in additional dents to the fondant. Further I had ordered two different flavors and I asked the lady how I can differentiate between them and she rudely responded by saying "ohhh you want us to tell you that too?" More than half of the mini cakes went to waste because there was no way I was going to serve them to my guests.
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You can't go wrong!

I ordered my wedding cake from Raffi's for my July 3rd wedding. Before going to Raffi I reallly shopped around because cake vendors were asking for a ridiculous amount of money. Portos quoted me 1000 for a buttercream cake, another place 1200.. another place quoted me 1600 for a fondant cake with lace. When I went to Raffi he automatically made my fiance ( now husband :) ) feel so comfortable. For the same cake that another vendor quoted me 1600 he only wanted 1000 he was easy to work with and very straightforward and honest. The cake was exactly what my husband and I envisioned and it was perfect. He also made a grooms cake and of course a macaron tower. I was very please and i will definitely go back for all of my events!
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Best Out There

He's probably the best in the world. Or in my world, which is limited to a tangible radius circulating Glendale.
He made me three hat cakes (look so real!!) for a hat themed bridal shower. They were 3 big detailed cakes, for $250. My wedding cake is going to be the cake from Sex & The City 2. Another cake vendor quoted me $6,000 for it. Rafi's doing it for $900.
I went cake tasting and just couldn't decide everything is so delicious! Unique, but not weird unique you know? He's got brownie cakes, red velvet, mocha, vanilla with fresh strawberries, chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting MAN HE''S GOT A LOT OF STUFF!!!
He's also going to make a cruise ship cake for my nephew's christening, and a spongebob cake for his teething party..
Anyway, if you need to order a cake, custom or not, he's the best around. He'll make the most beautiful and delicious cake for the best price around. I don't even like cake, and this is a big deal.
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Thank You Rafi for my Beautiful Engagement & W

Awesome job!!! The cakes not only looked beautiful they tasted yummmie. My guests loved the cakes soooo much they asked for seconds on both occasions.
Thank you again !!!!!
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Best Bakery

I had Rafi make my bridal shower cake along with my Wedding cake and loved both of them! Raffi is one of the most talented bakers I have met with such talent and artistic ideas. Both cakes were to die for both in looks and taste; I had guests asking about it for weeks after the events. Any bride that doesn't go by him will truly be missing out. Thank you very much Raffi jan!
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