Reviews written by AngelaK

Rafi's Pastry & Cakes

Engagement Fiasco

I ordered mini cakes for my engagement from Rafi\\'s bakery. Rafi was super nice and helpful during the planning and ordering of the mini cakes. The day of my engagement I went to pick up my order which was supposed to include the stands to display the mini cakes and 50 mini peach colored cakes but what I got instead was horrific shock and disappointment. 2 hours before my pick up I received a phone call from the bakery that told me the peach color for the fondant did not turn out well so they used white instead. I initially appreciated the phone call because I thought they were looking out for my best interest however that definitely was not the case. The lady behind the counter told me to put the mini cakes in the refrigerator right when I got home. I was horrified because I had a cake table all set up since they said they would freeze the mini cakes so that I can display them on the stands they were supposed to provide me... Stand were not provided as promised. The cakes were baked last minute so if they were left outside for even 10 minutes they would melt. The fondant lacked smoothness because it was cooked last minute and were placed in boxes without dividers. So on my way home the cakes were sliding back and forth, left to right, which resulted in additional dents to the fondant. Further I had ordered two different flavors and I asked the lady how I can differentiate between them and she rudely responded by saying "ohhh you want us to tell you that too?" More than half of the mini cakes went to waste because there was no way I was going to serve them to my guests.
Sep 14th, 2011