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At Hye FX Entertainment, we are a recognized and trusted name in the Los Angeles Armenian community and have been in business since 1987. We have the most extensive library of music you can find today along with the most current up to date pro sound and lighting. Our music selections range from Armenian to Arabic to English and everything in between, at this point literally thousands of clients have entrusted their most Cherished and Blessed day to us and we have yet to disappoint. With DJs the one attribute you should be seeking above any other is experience and with us you get a world of it. Our prices may be a bit higher than the competition but as the old adage goes, "You get what you pay for". And you will not be disappointed.

Call us now for the Wedding Package Special which includes a reduced price for the Bridal Shower when you book your wedding with us.

Hye FX Entertainment - Where Experience Matters


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DJ Hye FX made my wedding AWESOME

DJ Hye FX played the perfect mix of all varieties of music to keep the party going at my wedding. We had him for our engagement, and he did such a great job there that we had to have him for our wedding too.

He was very accommodating to us and the wedding guests, and he's the rare DJ that will actually listen to your requests and suggestions. He knows how to mix his music, knows his lighting, knows his volume, and can read the crowd to figure out what music works and what music doesn't.

DJ Hye FX is highly recommended, and my wife and I have already been asked several times about him by our wedding guests - they loved his work so much that they want to book him for their weddings.
Posted By: | May 1st, 2008 | View all my reviews
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Absolutely PERFECT!

Absolutely perfect is how I would describe this DJ! He was highly recommended by family friends so we decided to go with him. Sure he charges a bit higher then most DJs and at first I was apprehensive about spending the money but believe me he is worth every dime! Very professional and at the same time he gives you the feeling that your wedding is the most important wedding he has ever DJed.Very helpful as well he helped us choose our first dance actually a song I had never heard before but both my husband and I fell in love with it. I can't say enough good things about this DJ. The music choices and the mixing was truly AMAZING he played all the songs to appease all the different ages of guests we had. Sound system was just right not loud and obnoxious like other DJs he really took heed to our request for the music not too be too loud during dinner and then when it was time to boogie he cranked it up just right! I'm so happy I decided to go with DJ Hye FX instead of a band.THANK YOU HARRY!!!!!
Posted By: | Apr 23rd, 2008 | View all my reviews
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Just Awsome!!!

WOW! I was hesitant to hire a DJ that I did not know for my wedding but...I WAS THRILLED WITH HYE FX!!! He played the songs we loved and thought that no DJ could possibly have! He played songs that our guests loved, the latest hits - truly the songs that get the party started and kept it pumped up the WHOLE NIGHT LONG!!!
For every party, every birthday and for everytime someone asks if I can recommend a DJ...I have only one name and number to give them.... HYE FX!!!
On time! Stayed late! Each and everysong was PERFECT! Just all together WOW! The dream DJ come true!!!
Posted By: | Apr 23rd, 2008 | View all my reviews
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