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David Z. Ghoukassian, known to most as David Z, grew up in Vienna, Austria and came to the U.S. in 1998 in his twenties.  His creative talents were recognized early on.  David spent over 3 years in the U.S. as Creative Director and Consultant to a variety of gift manufacturers and distributors, designing eye-catching product line presentations for regional, national and international trade shows.

In 2004, David Z became and entrepreneur, opening “Z’s Garden” in Glendale, California, where he could focus his energies on his passion for nature’s beauty, and allow his creative style to blossom in each unique floral creation and event production. The community was drawn to his European flair, contemporary trends, and his stunning style of floral expressions for all occasions and affairs, all touched by his artistic imagination.

He expanded in 2005 opening an office in Beverly Hills to accommodate his growing clientele which included Nordstrom’s, Cartier, Quixote Studios, TV Guide, BET Awards, Platinum Weddings, as well as Beverly Hills A-List clients and celebrities.

David Z is a master of event production, creating an atmosphere, setting a mood, adding to the celebration, touching one’s heart, and wowing the audience with his floral artistry.  His wonderful spirit, passion for nature and creativity is the heart and soul of his work and is reflected in every floral design and event he produces.

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The most unprofessional and flaky florist out ther

I'm going to keep this short because I don't want to go in to details about what David did to me. All I want to say is that I will for the rest of my life be telling people not to go to him! I usually don't like to write reviews because I don't believe in ruining someone's reputation because of some small mistakes that they did but the way he treated me was just unacceptable. There are so many talented florists out there don't waste your time and money on the most unreliable one of them. He used to be really good and his service was pretty good too before but as soon as he became known he just does not listen or care at all about what you are telling him. All the vendors I worked with for my wedding told me that I was the most easygoing bride to work with so the problem was not at all that I had unrealistic expectations.
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Worst Service Ever!

I cannot say how disappointed I am.
I had heard great things about David.
I had seen 1 wedding he had done before as I am not from the area, and I don't know WHY I decided to have him do my wedding flowers.
He mostly dealt with my mom who he was rude to, did NOT answer her phonecalls/messages, wanted 2 deposits then ALL the money upfront way before the wedding, kept complaining about how his budget is low and the wedding is around V-day so the flowers are NOT available...
4 days BEFORE the wedding he nearly gave my mother a heart-attack by saying "I thought the wedding was canceled so I'm not ready"...
He LIED to me that he tried contacting my mother and I, & we never got back, which is sooo not true as he claimed he was the "busy one".
AND to to TOP it ALL off, he SCOTCH TAPED some orchid flowers to some jungle that he made calling it "artistic" for my centerpieces... It was really such an embarrassment to him and his establishment.
I will NEVER EVER recommend him or his services to anyone. He is unprofessional, demanding $$$$, claims he's got this "talent" then I'm not kidding-- SCOTCH taped my centerpiece flowers... not even trying to hide the tape... just blatantly scotch taped orchids which were all falling off by the end of the evening! Soooo embarrassing.
Oh yes, it gets worse... he was supposed to have 2 bouquets for the bride the 1st for morning activities and the park/hotel pictures and 2nd for church/reception... this was HIS idea and he was complaining how expensive it is to make them around v-day... well needless to say I never saw that second bouquet, not to mention my only bouquet was sooo small and tasteless I might as well have put the 6 flowers together myself!!

Such a disappointment.
Such disorganization.
Such horrible service.
Worst of all a big liar.

All brides be aware and just stay away, you'd be sooo much happier not knowing this person.
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Z's Garden has the most beautiful flowers. David is amazing to work with, very creative and unique. He is very professional and simply the best.
Posted By: | Aug 27th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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The most talented florist!!!

David is the best florist ever! He made my wedding look like a fairy tale. His designs are unique, chic and elegant. Besides being a professional he is very kind and helpful......I can't express how grateful I am for his outstanding support and care. I couldn't ask for more....Thank you very much dear David for making our day that gorgeous!!!!
Posted By: | Jul 28th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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Z is the best period

He is just so easy to work with, makes you feel comfortable and surprises you with the amount of talent he''s got. I was completely satisfied with what he had done with my wedding, exactly what I had asked for, simple and elegant. I proudly recommend him to anyone who is open to do new and unique ideas.
Posted By: | Jan 21st, 2009 | View all my reviews
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