Reviews written by ag9601

Z's Garden

Worst Service Ever!

I cannot say how disappointed I am.
I had heard great things about David.
I had seen 1 wedding he had done before as I am not from the area, and I don't know WHY I decided to have him do my wedding flowers.
He mostly dealt with my mom who he was rude to, did NOT answer her phonecalls/messages, wanted 2 deposits then ALL the money upfront way before the wedding, kept complaining about how his budget is low and the wedding is around V-day so the flowers are NOT available...
4 days BEFORE the wedding he nearly gave my mother a heart-attack by saying "I thought the wedding was canceled so I'm not ready"...
He LIED to me that he tried contacting my mother and I, & we never got back, which is sooo not true as he claimed he was the "busy one".
AND to to TOP it ALL off, he SCOTCH TAPED some orchid flowers to some jungle that he made calling it "artistic" for my centerpieces... It was really such an embarrassment to him and his establishment.
I will NEVER EVER recommend him or his services to anyone. He is unprofessional, demanding $$$$, claims he's got this "talent" then I'm not kidding-- SCOTCH taped my centerpiece flowers... not even trying to hide the tape... just blatantly scotch taped orchids which were all falling off by the end of the evening! Soooo embarrassing.
Oh yes, it gets worse... he was supposed to have 2 bouquets for the bride the 1st for morning activities and the park/hotel pictures and 2nd for church/reception... this was HIS idea and he was complaining how expensive it is to make them around v-day... well needless to say I never saw that second bouquet, not to mention my only bouquet was sooo small and tasteless I might as well have put the 6 flowers together myself!!

Such a disappointment.
Such disorganization.
Such horrible service.
Worst of all a big liar.

All brides be aware and just stay away, you'd be sooo much happier not knowing this person.
Mar 5th, 2011

Karoza Bridal

Good Service

I had Karoza Design alter my wedding gown.
The lady was very attentive, professional, and did a wonderful job with the dress. I also rented a petticoat from them which was a supereasy transaction. My hairpiece was also from Karoza which was gorgeous! I received tons of compliments. I would recommend them to anyone.
Mar 5th, 2011
I had a really good time at the salone the morning of my wedding.
The staff was very friendly, polite, and nice.
I had an idea how I'd liked my hair and they did a great job at it, just as I had pictured it. I got tons and tons of compliments because it was a unique simple due, not the typical every bride look.
The make up was well done, not caked, not over excessive as I've seen before, & the eye makeup looked gorgeous... I did purchase the lipgloss as it was a wonderful shade. I'm glad that I still looked like myself afterwards!
At first I was a little concerned because I had to wait about 1 hour before everyone got there, (I was on time for my appointment) but they had me ready right on time as I had requested.
The consultation day (I had to go around 3 months before as I am not from the area...) was very short (maybe 5 minutes?) and I found it somewhat unnecessary because I was able to explain what I wanted the day of the wedding.
I gave the overall rating a 5 because they all made me feel comfortable and provided a great service.

Bottom line is I felt beautiful, I was super-HAPPY and I thouroughly enjoyed every moment of my special day from morning to the late hours of the night!
Mar 5th, 2011

Renaissance Banquet

Great Service

Beautiful Place. Great Service. Not only all our Armenian guests, but the International and the New York guests ALL loved the food and the ambiance of the place! We had a great time at our wedding. Their attentiveness to our guests was very well appreciated. The owner was very respectful.
Mar 5th, 2011
My invitations were simply Gorgeous. Very Classy. Sherry was super nice, very attentive, and made the invitations exactly as I wanted it, from design to style it was highclass! Would highly recommend her for anyone who wishes a superb invitation!
Mar 5th, 2011
I was interested in some pieces. I tried contacting them and never heard back. That was not very nice.
Mar 5th, 2011

Heartbeat DJ

Best DJ!

Vasken was amazing.
I am sooo glad we got him as the DJ for our wedding. He kept everyone on the Dance floor. His variety of music was awesome.
Would definitely recommend him as he made our day wonderful!
Mar 5th, 2011