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S13 Films offers weddings, celebrations & special event videography services for the Armenian communities in Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas. A different approach to recording your life event: we capture the candid and unscripted moments of your special day. A true memory captured.


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So happy with Sarkis and his company!

We shopped around for wedding videographers based on family and friend recommendations but weren't too thrilled with the vendors we met with. Most of them were pushy and wanted the video to be what THEY wanted instead of what WE wanted. We met with Sarkis and the very first thing he asked us was how we were doing with all the planning. He knew how crazy it is with planning a wedding and he immediately won us over by being empathetic to the whole process. He then asked us how we want the video to look and feel like. After we explained what we were looking for, he let us know his opinion and we BOTH agreed on the right path to create our wedding video. We were so happy with Sarkis and his team and we love how the video turned out. We also were very happy that we got our video back (as promised) within 3 months time. Highly, highly recommended.
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Had an emergency and S13 Films came to the rescue!

We had booked a photographer and videographer for my daughters baptism several months ago but they canceled on us 4 days before the event date! We were worried that we wouldn't be able to find someone else in such short time but thanks to Harsanik.com we found Sarkis and he was able to make it to Christening. Even though it was last minute and he had another event to be at in the evening, he agreed to do this event for us because of our circumstance. Very nice and timely. We wish we had gone with him earlier since he is so easy to work with. If you need a videographer that will be dependable and honest, hire S13 Films and Sarkis. Thank you Sarkis!!
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Sarkis and his team at S13 Films were so professional during our wedding day. They were courteous not only towards my wife and I, but our bridal party, family and friends the entire day. We wish our photographer had the same kind of approach as Sarkis did. I know it may not mean much but he is also very responsive to all the phone calls, emails and text messages we sent him. Looking back that was really important because the other vendors would take days/weeks to respond to deadline related requests. If you want to have a team that will video your event without getting in the way and treat everyone with respect then definitely hire Sarkis and his team! The video came out beautifully too!
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Honest, friendly and real

We had Sarkis and his company shoot our wedding in March and we couldn't have been more happy with our decision. A lot of our friends had used the other 'famous' videographers in the past for their videos and all were left disappointed due to the unprofessional and difficulty to work with style. On top of that, they still haven't received their videos! We had an incredible consultation where everything was discussed prior to our wedding and Sarkis custom made our video based on what we asked for. He is so honest and friendly and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.
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Right price - excellent service!

We needed a videographer for our engagement party back in January and we were referred to several videographers in Glendale. We met with a few and quickly realized that we were going to over spend on our video. The quotes we received were so ridiculous and the service we encountered was downright unacceptable.

My buddy from work recommended Sarkis as they had hired him for a corporate event. Immediately we recognized that Sarkis was MUCH more professional and really took interest in our needs. He made the consultation about us and what we want as opposed to what they can only do. He walked us through a few ideas and we came up with a great theme for our party.

At the event, Sarkis and his team were dressed in suits and were never in the way of the event. They were friendly with our guests and had a smile on their face the entire night. Our fully produced video arrived in a custom made package that had the same color scheme of our evening and was delivered in about six weeks time. The other videographers we met with either couldn't give us a turnaround time or said it could take up to a year!

We couldn't be happier with Sarkis and his team and we have already hired him for our wedding in September. Don't be fooled with others charging an arm and a leg for a video and will be unprofessional. Contact this team and you won't be disappointed!!
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