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Arka Photography

ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY is the creme de la creme

After a thorough search and countless appointments with several photographers my fiancé and I felt hopeless in a search of a photographer and a videographer for our wedding, then we found the crème de la crème of all photographers- Shahe and Sahag Melelian at ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY. Initially we met with Sahag Melelian-he was so personable and knowledgeable about his line of work, he willingly showed us all their work product and their portfolio was amazing, at this point we had met with several photographers and videographers so we had the industry standards to compare to. What they showed us and what their competitors were producing in the line of work is unparallel. Let me put it to you this way the experience was like this-going to the other photographers was like going to a poor restaurant and ordering the overpriced but "poorly" prepared steak but going to ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY with Shahe and Sahag there "steaks" were not only reasonably priced but they were able to serve kobe beef steak just the kind you order at Mastro's restaurant in Beverly Hills. In other words other photographers and videographers will capture and image but will completely over charge you but at ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY they genuinely captured our mood, they made us feel comfortable and no statuesque like poses Shahe really went out of his way to make our experience unforgettable at our pre-wedding photo shoot. OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES CAME OUT PERFECT, he captured images that are captivating and sure to make the mom's cry (that is what happened in my case), my mom was balling her eyes out when she saw our engagement photos (and she is not one to easily cry), I can only imagine what she will do when she sees our wedding pictures. Thanks a lot -Shahe between now and the wedding I must invest in a box of Kleenex and be prepared when I show her the wedding photos. My fiancé and I left with such an amazing experience that when we went to dinner after our Engagement Shoot I looked at my fiancé and I told him I think we found our future family photographer, and mind you I had not seen any pictures at that point, that's how great the whole experience was I can only imagine what Shahe and Sahag (ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY) will produce for our wedding. Thank you so much you guys ARE THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY now I just need to find reasons to convince my soon to be husband to hire a photographer for holidays and family functions.Your will not think twice when selecting ARKA PHOTOGRAPHY for your engagement and wedding photos and video. Thanks Shahe and Sahag can't wait for the wedding....!!!!
Sep 6th, 2012