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Golden Picture and Video

Stay Far Away

Stay far far away from this company. I'm going to TRY and keep this semi short and to the point because if I really started to go into detail unfortunately the laundry list of problems would be a couple of pages. I have never in my life been treated like the way I was for a recent event of mine of which Golden Pictures photographed and shot. Once they got their cash in advance of the event it went downhill from there. On the day of the event I didn't notice much because naturally it's my event and I'm not trying to micromanage "professionals" which I've hired. The first sign was when I received the digitals of my photos to choose from for an album. I was in absolute shock at the quality of the photos as it looked like my ten year old cousin took them. Lighting, focus, alignment all off. Not to mention no pictures with family members at all. After multiple attempts to express my concern via emails etc not one apology not even an acknowledgment of emails. Then I started to ask for the video of which they gave me the run around and then finally when it was time for them to hand it over to me I was presented with one single DVD with no labels etc. I had a ton of family over for a viewing party the day I received it and as I put it in the player there was no footage. In fact they had handed me a blank DVD. After multiple attempts to get my DVD and a complete disregard to how they lied to me, they finally handed me the DVD to screen. I was in absolute shock. The first 2 hours of my video and the most important part of my event was all shot blurry. When I approached them with this they simply told me that its a lighting issue with the hall and that I should have requested for 2 cameras and known better. After multiple professionals took a look at the footage it was confirmed that it was the mistake and problem of the videographer etc. I sent back edits of which they returned to me after I had to chase them. Only to find that again there were misspellings on the opening sequence titles and all of my edits were not made. I sent multiple emails and have gotten ZERO response for over a month now. At this point I don't ever want to speak or hear from them. The above is only a portion of the details of this horrible experience with this company. I am so saddened by the whole experience that every time someone brings up my beautiful event for my children's christening I cringe. I've literally only watched the video once and don't ever want to watch it again because it is so upsetting that this precious event of ours was ruined by such unprofessional individuals. I absolutely hate writing these types of reviews but I can not allow another family to go through such a heartache as I have with the absolute disrespect and unprofessionalism that I have been shown by this company.
Nov 2nd, 2016