Reviews written by NarehParsanj

Armen Asadorian Photography

Amazing photographer, beautiful pictures!

Pictures were very important to us; so when it came time to pick a photographer, we reviewed the work of many. We decided to go with Armen, who had photographed our friend's wedding...and we made the best decision!!!!! We wanted the energy of the entire day to be captured, and Armen did exactly that. He captured the greatest moments all while being calm, relaxed, sweet and kind. He put us at ease and made us very comfortable. While you're busy being a bride and groom, you can rest easy because Armen is taking care of everything else. Your pictures will come out perfect!!!! We are recommending Armen to EVERYONE! In addition to all this, he works with you before and after the wedding, is very timely with his work, and you will be very happy if you select Armen!!!!
Jul 10th, 2013