Reviews written by SamKaloustian

Hye FX Entertainment

The Best! Often Imitated, Never Duplicated!

Harry aka DJ Hye FX is known to be the absolute best DJ period in the armenian circles here in Los Angeles and that is for a reason because he has put in the love,dedication,effort and passion into his craft and it shows! He is by far head and shoulders above the rest of these "Johnny come lately" "DJs". Not only does he mix the best music seamlessly at your parties he also facilitates your entire wedding reception that's how much of a true professional he advice, skip paying a planner or coordinator for your reception because Harry is on top of everything...I read an earlier review where someone said WOW..and really that's what you will say...He is an absolute expert at what he does and a lot of us already know this because a number of his apprentice djs that he has trained over the years are on this website and now have branched out on their own and even those djs get nothing but positive reviews because they are all products of his expertise but remember there is NO SUBSTITUTE for the ORIGINAL no matter what the cost, he is well worth it! Thank you Harry, you are AWESOME!
Jun 7th, 2011