Reviews written by gayanev

Karoza Bridal

Great Selection but Awful Customer Service

I have to say that I was impressed by the selection and the beauty of the dresses. We also found a nice dress with a great price. However, the dress needed alteration and we went through the whole process of trying the dress and making sure they know what I really needed to be done on the dress. I was told 3 days prior to the wedding the dress was going to be ready. The bride went to pick up the dress 3 days prior and they told her it is not ready.. But they failed to tell her that the bridesmaid needs to come back to try the dress before anything else. So when I saw the dress, I almost had a heart attack. Few things were done sloppy and not accurate. The straps on the bra were not cut off when they saw it inside (I specifically told them to cut it as it was an old bra and need to wear it again), the hook on the back was done incorrectly and the side of the dress (the plastic part) was sticking out because when they altered the top, it stretched the entire dress.. basically what was supposed to be done was not done and I was very very upset. We had to spend the entire morning fixing what was broken. I understand things happen but when a customer calls to notify about the errors, I expect them to apologize not blame it back on the customer. Going forward, I will not use their services, and rest assure people will know about this as well. It is unfortunate that it had to happen and it is unfortunate that I had to do this because I never ever complain about anything.. But we paid money for this and we expect the job to be done right.. But I want to thank them for giving my cousin the dress of her dream and hope that all the other brides and her party will get what they paid for. Thank you
Nov 13th, 2008