Reviews written by lady

This video production is the best. They have videotaped my events for the past 10 years. Since the very first second that i came to the USA up until my wedding. Even though it takes a little longer to get the DVD but the wait is worth the results. Khorik's imagination has no limits. He really is a professional in his business.
Feb 27th, 2008
I have changed many hair stylists until i found Angel about 5 years ago and up until now i have not gone to anyone else. She is the best hair stylist and make up artist. She does a perfect job and no matter what you do the hair stays the same. I am a dancer, and i dance a lot during parties, my engagement and my wedding. My hair stayed as perfect as it was in the very beginning. She has gold hands.
No matter if it's a up-do, hair cut, coloring or make up she does it the best.
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO TRY HER. Once you go by her, you wouldn't want to go by anyone else.
Feb 27th, 2008
I am more than satisfied with Hovik's service.
I love my wedding pictures. The service is excellent. They are with you from the morning until the very last second of the event. Extremely reasonable prices compare to their service. I strongly recommend everyone to use their services.
Feb 26th, 2008

Karoza Bridal

Excellent Service

KARO and ROZA are the best. They have variety of dresses. When i went by their store for my wedding, the second i explained them what i wanted, they brought the exact dress and that became my wedding dress. They know their business and the prices are quite reasonable. EXCELLENT SERVICE
Feb 26th, 2008

Arbat Banquet Hall

Arbat Rocks

ARBAT BANQUET HALL is the best ever. They have the most delicious food ever. The chef Allik is the best. I had both my engagement and wedding there and got excellent service, deals and everything rocked. I strongly recommend this place.
Feb 26th, 2008
Very good place. I ordered a cake from them for my son's baby welcome party and everyone loved it. The taste was amazing and the service is excellent. Unlike the Maggie's pastry, who did my wedding cake and ruined my day by providing me with something i didn't order. Porto's bakery rocks
Feb 26th, 2008