Reviews written by marovm16

If you're planning an event and looking for a good source for music, DJ Hye Fx is your go to man. I had the pleasure of using him for my birthday and he was absolutely amazing. I've seen him work his "magic" and several other events, and I fell in love with his mixes. Other Djs I've used in the past, play whatever they want; usually resulting in horrible music. Harry on the on the hand takes your suggestions, goes off that, and plays songs that has people dancing all night. On the night of my birthday, he had the dance floor PACKED. Keep in mind, the venue that my birthday was done at, was not meant to be a club, but Harry changed that! He has a wide variety of music that ranges from Armenian, to English, to Arabic and even Spanish. If you want it, and he doesn't have it, he'll get it. Harry's performances are never the same. You will get something different each time. Whether its the order of the songs, or how the songs are mix, they are never the same. He has an ear/6th sense for music that is incredibly refreshing. When you work with DJ Hye Fx, you get a new found glory for some songs. I have to be completely honest, one of his song/mixes are actually a ring tone on my phone. Other than music his immense professionalism compares to no other. He gets to know each of his clients on a personal level, which gives him the ability to feel his client out and figure out just what it is they want. I would not have had it any other way. He made my birthday one the most memorable I've ever had. Overall, I will never use a rookie DJ ever again. My go to man will be always DJ Hye Fx.
Jun 26th, 2011