Reviews written by mrsavagi

The Design Shop

Modern and Chic: 11/11/11 Extravaganza

Sera... If I can find the words to express my heartfelt appreciation for such an exquisite expression of floral beauty! You made my wedding such an incredible floral wonderland... my guests are still in shock with all the beautiful flowers and arrangements. You are truly the talk of the town! As for me, "thank you" and "bravo" to the happiness you gave me on my wedding day. I am so happy and appreciative of your creativity and genius: My reds were vibrant, memorable and passionate; my blues were deep and expressive with thought; my whites were bright and illuminating; and my pinks were fun and flirtatious. Artistry to it's fullest, you took a canvas and used the color pallet in ways that only you can. Sera, I can only look forward to all the future events that that will have your touch of enchantment.
I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving everyone who experienced your artistry, the endless pleasure of our senses. Cheers to you!
With Love,
Jackie (Jacklin E. Injijian)
Jun 28th, 2012

Armineh's Capelli Salon & Spa

11/11/11: Passionate Creativity And Classic Imager

For My Wedding: 11/11/11
Armineh... You truly are a TALENT and a PASSIONATE person who expresses herself in the most creative and beautiful way possible... and by doing so, you have made me and many other brides like me, feel incredibly special on our wedding day!

My goodness, if I could only tell you how many compliments I received on my wedding day (11/11/11) for the beautiful hair and make-up Armineh did for me. Just like we envisioned, everybody understood the classic look we aimed for. YOU ACCOMPLISHED IT FLAWLESSLY!

I had a wonderful time at the salon, so early in the morning (5:00 a.m.)... the start to my wedding day was such a wonderful experience! I had so much fun and an incredible time with my wedding day transformation! WOW, Armineh you did an absolutely amazing job. You are a talented artist and stylist! I was so relaxed with you... all the while making me laugh and smile and poking fun at friends and family around us. I felt like I was part of the salon family. It was nostalgic.

I appreciated your positive energy and your genuine appreciation of my thoughts and ideas for the day\\'s preparation. You took exactly what I was hoping for and amplified it to a higher level. I wanted a classic look with a modern twist, and that's exactly how I looked.

Thank you so much for taking care of my mother, maid of honor and me! We walked out of your salon feeling like princesses on my special day... I am honored that I had the chance to share my special day with you and the salon family :-).

Since the wedding day, I have visited the salon a few times and have had the chance to go through some fun-filled transformations again.

Till the next time I see you, Robert, Janet and everyone else...

Love You,
Jackie (Jacklin)
Jun 28th, 2012