Reviews written by narine_a

Golden Picture and Video

Unsatisfied! ????

I got married 2 years ago and unfortunately still dealing with Golden! They are very unprofessional, unreliable, and very unorganized. They do not deliver what they promise when you sign your contract, in there case contracts only work 1 way and it's only to their benefit. Started when Sarmen was 3 hours late to our preshoot and would not answer his phone, when he finally answered and showed up he took pictures real fast and just left. They don't pay attention to detail at all they do is take the pictures, I feel like it is there job to tell their customers if something is out of place! It took almost 2 years to get my videos even tho "contract" says 1 year, my video looks like a 2 year old did the editing and they did it just to do it and give it to us. I have addressed this issue with them a million times but they really don't care about there customers they kept telling me that "there is nothing they can do about it" .... of course there is nothing they can do about it they have there money already that's all they care about. Who cares if I'm not satisfied and payed so much for my WEDDING video to be perfect I guess that was to much to ask for!!! Father and son are NEVER on the same page and there is a lot of miscommunication... They will never ever admit to there wrongs and will make you feel stupid! So be careful!!!!!!!
May 14th, 2015