Reviews written by nbkp65m

Magnolia Village Flowers

Traditional Meets Contemporary


I had the pleasure of seeing the work of Magnolia Village Flowers as they decorated my brother's wedding and the word that would describe the work that they had done is AWESOME. The staff is very professional as well as very lenient on the orders provided by the customers; however, they have their own special touch that they always add to the designs and decorations. From the beginning of the day, the flower decorations at the groom's house were amazing, and to continue on with the Bride's house, the bouquet was chic and amazing, including the bridesmaids' as well. The flowers stayed fresh throughout the whole time, were of amazing decorations, especially coming to the centerpieces. The centerpieces were so much of success that it went on to being placed in a commercial for the banquet hall that we did my brother's wedding at. To conclude the review, their work is simply unique, dealing both with weddings, as well as other occasions, even personal, and their efforts put into each occasion is as if its their own, making sure everything is perfected and done to the maximum standard. You should definitely go forth with choosing them as your vendor, because they will ROCK YOUR WEDDING WITH AMAZING CENTERPIECES AND FLOWERS.

Many more occasions to come with Magnolia Village Flowers. 5 STARS
Jan 20th, 2013