Reviews written by novemberswittie

Anna's Secret Garden

Amazing Work!

I want to thank Anna's Secret Garden for the beautiful work they've done for our wedding and our baby's welcoming party. I've never had a chance to thank them but I am so thankful for their amazing work I actually thought to take the time and wright this review.

On our wedding day everyone was stunned by the beauty of the centerpieces, the sweetheart, and cake table. Everything was very detail oriented, neat, and most importantly met my specifications and deadline. I am very picky and I know what I want and I would die to find something wrongful about my order but as soon as I walked into the hall I was speechless. I appreciate the level of professionalism and love towards the work they do.

I am going to keep it short and simple for my baby's centerpiece - EVERYONE WANTED IT. Knowing that, I had placed a letter under one plate at each table. The winner took the centerpiece. :D

Once again Thank you, and I definitely look forward working with you for any future event.
Mar 20th, 2013

Ray Pro Photography

Amazing & Modern

I would like to thank Ray Productions for the amazing service they have provided!! Amazing team work! amazing outcome!!! I am absolutely in love with our love story & the wedding video. Ray definitely has a very unique and modern taste. When my family gathered to watch the video we had expected something something good, something we've seen before; however Ray proved us wrong by making a veryyyyy different and fun video. If you are looking for something unique and amazing and definitely amazing then go with Ray Productions!!!

Once more, Thank you for your amazing work....
Oct 25th, 2012