Reviews written by sheh

Magnolia Village Flowers

Very unhappy with Magnolia Village

With all the vendors I used between my koskap, engagement, and wedding, Magnolia Village is the one I regret. The service I received was horrible. If I could go back in time, I would go with another vendor. There are specific situations that I recall that made me very upset. For example, during my final contract review session, the florist was yelling at me for making a suggestion. Or on the day of my wedding, when I was giving the groomsmen their flowers, I noticed she replaced the flowers of my choice (which matched with my bridesmaid's flowers and was stated on my contract) with white roses. She also didn't give me a smaller bridal bouquet that I had ordered and paid for. All in all, I was very unhappy with the service I received and would not recommend Magnolia Village to anyone. Brides-to-be, save yourself the headache and go with another florist!
Dec 29th, 2011