Reviews written by silvig

Impressions Banquet Hall

Great service

I just booked my event at Impressions. The hall is lovely for a smaller party (150-250). It's decorated in a modern and tasteful manner. The lighting is great and they even have an outside patio that guests can enjoy. Art, the manager was very kind and helpful. He walked us through everything and we were very pleased to choose this location for our special day. I would definitely recommend Impressions to others.
Apr 13th, 2014

Rosebud Cakes

Out of this world Delicious!!!

I've been on the hunt for a bakery for my bridal shower and upcoming wedding. I want something unique and beautiful but with the cost of today's cakes I also want it to taste good. Can't say how many weddings I've been to and the cake is just left on the plate from the lack of flavor, staleness, gross fillings, etc. I tried a couple of places prior to heading to Rosebud's. Some were ok tasting but the design was limited unless you want just a white cake with a couple of flowers (BORING!). Others fell apart because they were not the correct density whereas some were too thick and covered in disgusting whipped cream. I like cake. Rephrase that, I love cake and I want my wedding cake to taste good.
Anyway, my friend recommended Rosebud's after I vented to her about my cake challenges. So I went there with my mom to check it out before I drag the fiance since he is not the biggest fan of wedding planning as it is. Needless to say best decision EVER!!! I spoke with Alan, who was beyond helpful. Elin, the cake decorator was in view working on these astounding cakes, one more opulent than the other. The books of cake designs were endless and absolutely gorgeous. I had so many options to choose from and the cake, out of this world. I fell in love with the chocolate cake with chocolate Bavarian cream and chocolate chips. It was literally chocolate heaven. I loved every minute of the appointment. Within 30 minutes I made my decision and could not be happier about it. I can't wait to see the wonderful, intricate, and tasty cake they will make for me on my special days. I would recommend them to anyone looking for something unique and delicious.
Jan 23rd, 2011

Olivia Restaurant

Great location and helpful owner

I just booked my bridal shower at Olivia Restaurant. I had been in communication with the owner Raffi for the last few weeks as I was searching for where I wanted this party to take place. He was super helpful. Gave me all the details from the menu, drinks, chairs, number of hours you have the location, etc. When I went to the restaurant Raffi was there to greet me. He was very welcoming and nice. You just get a good vibe from him and know that your in good hands. Not to mention the restaurant is way cute. It is perfect for a small party for 50-100 people. They have a stage and full bar. I mean there was nothing else I could ask for. Now I just can't wait till next year and my bridal shower :)
Nov 22nd, 2010

Arka Photography

Simply the best!!!

Photo & video are such an important aspect for any wedding. They make up the memories, which you will look at fondly through out the years. I couldn't be happier that my big day will be captured by Arka photo. Sahag and Shahe are absolutely amazing!!!! Not only are they the best at what they do, they make the entire process entertaining for the bride and groom. My fiance has dreaded all wedding appointments until he met Sahag.

Arka is super professional. They use top of the line equipment. Know anything and everything that relates to wedding media. They make everything so easy and that's what you need come wedding day.

I would totally recommend them to anyone and everyone. You will not be disappointed. Just a quick tip to book early. Their calendar fills up fast.
Aug 2nd, 2010

Karoza Bridal

Are you serious?

So after a long day of dress shopping, my final appointment was at Karoza. I walked in expecting a lot but left seriously disappointed. First off, I explained in detail to the staff what I wanted. It must have went in one ear and out the other because they kept bringing dresses with details I specifically mentioned I did not like. Second, they made me go searching for dresses I liked in the maze that they call a shop. I was taken back because for the money I was going to spend I would expect better service. Third, I told the girl my budget was 7-8K and she kept showing me dresses that cost 2-3K, which obviously did not have that wow quality. More like "wow that's ugly!" It was totally unprofessionally and not what your dress shopping experience should be like.

They do have a large selection of dresses but I still would not buy my dress from here.
Jul 19th, 2010

Lovella Bridal

Great Shop!

This is the first bridal shop I went to and I had such a great experience. Angie helped me out with picking out dresses, offering suggestions on how to change things up, and guiding me throughout the process. They don't have a huge selection but what they have is nice. They offer you different styles and cuts so you can see what looks best on you.

I had read some previous reviews about Jobyna's about how rude they were and other negative comments. I have to say my experience was the complete opposite. So nice and effortless. No pressure to buy but rather a great introduction to several dresses, which I can then sort and pick out the one.

Definitely recommend any newly engaged girl going here.You'll love it.
Jul 19th, 2010