Reviews written by tandv

Ara Images

Best Photographer!!!

If you're looking for an amazing photographer I promise you that you will not regret meeting with Ara. Too often we meet photographers who offer the world previous to getting the job, but are unable to deliver what was promised as soon as the big day roles around and they receive their full payment. Ara is not one of those photographers, he went above and beyond all expectations. Ara was there with us every step of the way... It blew our mind that he spent the entire day with us on our pre-wedding photo session. On the wedding day, Ara was not only our photographer, but my support and was there to keep me sane and calm my nerves. He is a nervous bride's dream come true. Ara has not only become our family photographer, but also a lifelong friend. He is an amazing talent and a true artist. Thank you Ara jan... We love you.
Aug 23rd, 2012

Love Boat Limousine

Amazing Service & Wonderful Person

This man is truly a gentlemen that delivers what he promises. We went with the Vintage Rolls Royce, couldn't be happier with the service and car. Vazgen was on time, professional, went beyond and above what we wanted, even bought us coffee while we took pix. The man was patient and polite, I would recommend him to all. Thanks Vazgen
Aug 23rd, 2012