Best Honeymoon Destinations For Each Season

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The honeymoon is undoubtedly the most planned and longed for holiday in your life, that's why getting it right is so important. The recipe for a perfect honeymoon destination is simple: match the season with the location, and the result is nothing short of a fairytale dream. Let's look at some of the best honeymoon destinations for each season of the year:

Summer Honeymoon Destinations

1. Bali

Bali, Indonesia, is second to none when it comes to idyllic honeymoon experiences. With mesmerizing sceneries and a romantic ambiance throughout, Bali is the perfect blend of exotic and luxury. Of course the destination is a hot spot amongst celebrities and even international movie star Julia Roberts' comeback film - Eat Pray Love. If you pick Bali, make sure to go in the summer since the weather is at its best.  

Best Honeymoon Destinations Bali

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2. Islands of Tahiti 

The Islands of Tahiti are known as one of the best summer honeymoon destinations. Since it's also a Hollywood hot spot, the prices for the French Polynesia Island are peaking in the summer season, but you are guaranteed to get the best experience. Don't compromise on great weather and a good time at the island that is known for villas with private beaches and bars with lagoon-views. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations Tahiti

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3. Croatia 

If you want a European honeymoon destination, with appetizing cuisine and exquisite wineries, look no further than Croatia. The country is a tourist hot spot, and an inspiration for celebrity baby names. Did you know that Blue Ivy, Beyonce's daughter, was named after a tree in Croatia? 

Best Honeymoon Destinations Croatia

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Fall Honeymoon Destinations

1. Los Cabos

For a sunny honeymoon in the autumn months, Mexico is the perfect candidate. With guaranteed sunshine, stunning beaches and a generous exchange rate, you are going to get quite an experience for your money in Los Cabos, Mexico. Known as the perfect fall honeymoon destination and even an idyllic place to say "I do", Los Cabos was where Naya Rivera got married. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations Los Cabos

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2. Whitsundays 

If you want to exchange rain and brown leaves for pearly beaches and snorkel-friendly waters, Australia is the best fall honeymoon destination. The location was a TV hit in Modern Family's last season, when the comedy show unveiled how much beauty and adventure is waiting for you in Australia. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations Whitsundays

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Winter Honeymoon Destinations

1. Saint Lucia 

What could be more romantic than walking barefoot on the white sandy beaches of Saint Lucia, on a winter day? The exotic Caribbean island was featured in The Bachelor and is undoubtedly one of the most amazing locations for some winter-sun. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations Saint Lucia

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2. Utah

For an authentic winter honeymoon, with dreamy white snow and grandiose mountains, go to Park City in Utah. If you want a lively honeymoon, plan it for the last 10 days of January, when the celebrities come to the city for the Sundance Film Festival. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations Utah

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Spring Honeymoon Destinations

1. Orlando

Nothing makes a spring honeymoon more romantic than sun kissed walks in sunshine state of Florida. To get the best weather, come in before May, and celebrate your love in a spa bungalow. 

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2. Phuket

If you're ideal honeymoon destination involves private dining in cliff-side chapels and calling some of the world's most high end resorts home, then head over to Phuket in Thailand. The rain-forested island is also a reality show star, in the famous Keeping Up With The Kardashians show. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations 09

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Whether you want to get some winter sun or have a celebrity-style vacation, don't forget to match your honeymoon destination with the right season of year, for a perfect experience. And to get help planning your honeymoon, contact Carte Travel who is Featured in our directory of travel agencies and they can help you book the perfect destination!

Where will you go for your honeymoon? 

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