Trash the Dress Photography

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During a bridal fitting Oscar de la Renta once said "In the same manner that she fell in love with that man, I hope she's going to fall in love with that dress..." And most women do! For many women, their wedding dress is the most important and special dress they'll ever wear. Accordingly, after the big day, most brides want to cherish and preserve their dress forever. In the recent years, however, a new trend called "trash the dress" has emerged, introducing a slightly different approach to preserving a dress!

trash the dress photography

Photo Source Armen Asadorian Photography

Trashing the dress refers to brides wearing their dress one more time after the wedding for a dramatic photo shoot. During the photo shoot the wedding dress is "destroyed" resulting in Vogue worthy images! This trend started with Las Vegas photographer John Michael Cooper who staged the first trash the dress photo shoot. Cooper was bored with the traditional wedding photos and started shooting in unusual settings. The idea of this style of photography is to contrast elegant clothing and beautiful people with an environment that is out of place. Examples of trash the dress photography include submerging in the water, under water, mudding, paint, and other unique ideas. 

trash the dress photography

Photo Source Love and Water Photography

Trash the dress photography

Photo Source Darling Mine Niagara Photographer

Trash the dress photography

Photo Source BuzzFeed

Trash the dress photography

Photo Source Brit+Co

Trash the dress in Armenia

trash the dress in Armenia

Photo Source Jay Jay Studios

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Since Cooper's photos, trash the dress photography has become a popular choice among many brides. Some brides choose to take photos the day after the wedding, while others wait months or even years for an anniversary photo shoot. Keep in mind the goal of trash the dress photography is not to damage your dress. You can decide a setting depending on the extent you wish to go. If you pre-plan a trash the dress photo shoot, you can also choose a fabric for your wedding dress that is more durable. The idea is to enjoy your dress to the fullest by not worrying about keeping it clean and perfect... you can relax, dance, even fall and take beautiful photographs!

Trash the dress photography leaves couples with beautiful and unique photos from their wedding. Will you trash your dress? Share your photos in the comments section below or tag on social media (@Harsanikcom).

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