Christine's Story: Choosing the venues

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One of the easiest things I’ve done in terms of planning for our wedding is booking our venues. We knew that we wanted an outdoor wedding and wanted to do something different than what takes place during a traditional Armenian or a traditional Mexican wedding. Originally, we wanted to have our wedding ceremony and reception in Las Vegas. Among others, the hotels we had in mind were Caesars, Wynn, and The Venetian. We explored this idea for a short time but eventually came to the realization that a local wedding would be ideal for us and our families and generally Armenian style banquet halls had way more to offer.

Christine's story: Pearl Banquet Hall

As I drove to and from work every day, I noticed construction at one of the locations I pass by daily. Turns out it was a new banquet hall. I started to do some research online and found some gorgeous videos of the new Pearl Banquet Hall. I noticed one day that the front doors were open. I met Aram inside and asked him if I could take a look around. The hall was even more beautiful in person. Everything would match my color theme. The flooring had a black and white design, which gave it a very modern look, and not to mention the dance floor! It was so impressive. The dance floor goes deeper than the rest of the floor and it’s covered in lights and crystals. It was extremely unique. I got home, picked up Victor and we went back and booked our date!

Christine's story: Pearl Banquet Hall

Christine's story: Pearl Banquet Hall

Christine's story: Pearl banquet hall

Christine's story: Pearl Banquet Hall

Christine's story: Pearl Banquet Hall

The ceremony was not as easy as booking the banquet hall was. Although we knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, we weren’t sure where we could host a local, beautiful ceremony. Victor’s brother suggested we contact the Country Club he worked at at the time, Angeles National Golf Club, the local golf club in the area. I had never been there before so I was a little hesitant at first. Victor took me to have lunch at the Agave Grille located inside the Golf Club. It was the most pleasant surprise. I couldn’t believe this stunning location was in our own back yard. We had found our ceremony location.

Christine's story: Angeles National Golf Club

Christine's Story: Angeles National Golf Club

Can't wait to share more details with you soon. 


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