Christine's Story: My Bridal Bouquet

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As a florist, I've helped make many bride's wedding a special day, especially when it comes to their personal flowers. I've worked on many bridal, bridesmaid and toss bouquets in the past so I knew I had to make something very special for myself.

Bridal Bouquet

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I saw a bride carrying a brooch bouquet once and at that moment I knew I had to have a similar bouquet! Not only are they sparkling and glamorous, but something very convenient about brooch bouquets is that you don't need to use fresh flowers. This way you can make your bouquet far in advance and keep it as a keepsake from your wedding day. Feeling inspired, I recently started making my bridal bouquet.

The base of my bouquet is made out of white hydrangea and roses that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I strongly suggest brides take a look at their selection, as they are so realistic! I started to add in the brooches and rhinestones and it just flowed from there. I'm absolutely in love with the way it has come out so far. I still have more to add but here are some photos of my work in progress.

Christine's Bridal Bouquet

Christine's Bridal Bouquet

Christine's Bridal Bouquet

Christine's Bridal Bouquet


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Thank you Zhenik! I love you.
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Beautiful job on everything, the bouquet is amazing. Good job Christine
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