Christine's Story: Bridesmaids Gifts

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This week we started to hand out our invitations. Traditionally, in Armenian families, we attend the guest's home and join them for a cup of tea or coffee as we present the invitations. The first place we went after our parent's homes was my cousin Armine's home. Armine's two daughters, Anita and Aileen, are also two of my bridesmaids. In addition to the invitations, I decided to present them with their bridesmaid gifts.

Christine's Story Gifts for Bridesmaids

I shopped around for a long time trying to figure out the perfect gift. I wanted the gift to be useful. I started to think about getting ready the day of the wedding. The idea popped in my head to get bridesmaid robes for the girls so that they can wear them when they get their hair and makeup done. It will keep them from ruining their hair and makeup when they try to pull their top over their head.

Christine's Story Gifts

I purchased the robes online and found the cutest boxes at The Hobby Lobby with gift tags so I was able to write a sweet thank you to the girls.

To my Maid of Honor, Adrine and Bridesmaids, Jessica, Digna, Jennifer, Perla, Anita & Aileen – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We're getting closer! Make sure to catch up on our wedding planning experience prior to our big day!



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