Top 5 Ways to Create a Winter Wonderland Wedding

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Today we are excited to share with you the second blog from our monthly blog series from Anoush Catering!

One of the most important decisions a bride and groom can make is the date of their wedding. While summer weddings will always remain popular, a growing number are seeing the advantage of walking down the aisle during the cooler winter months.  The rich colors of the season combined with holiday traditions and heartier cuisine can set the stage for a truly memorable event. While the possibilities for a winter wedding are limited only by your own imagination, here are a few guidelines to help inspire your creativity.   


Winter Weddings


#1: Play Up the Glamour of the Season
Because winter weddings are more commonly held indoors, it’s an ideal time for a ballroom reception that can showcases elements of glamour and romance. Think beyond the traditional red and green of the holidays. Winter weddings that incorporate hues of silver, white, and ice blue can be absolutely stunning. Pay homage to the chilly outdoors with vases carved from ice filled with branches and crystals that reflect light from tables. Add votive candles, velvet runners, and white dupioni table linens to complete the look.

Winter Weddings

#2) Incorporate Holiday Traditions
Whether you observe specific religious practices or just family traditions during the holidays, they can be weaved into your wedding. Why not decorate a Christmas tree full of memorable ornaments from childhood or offer the delicate baklavas your grandmother always made during the holidays alongside your wedding cake? It’s your day, so it makes sense to share with your guests the traditions that are meaningful to you!

#3) Utilize Seasonal Flowers
Consider white hydrangeas, red roses, anemones, and calla lilies, tied with crystal-embellished ribbon for your winter bouquet. Using seasonal flowers is a great addition to your winter wedding and is also a way to stay within budget.

Winter Weddings

#4) Plan Ahead
The holiday season means a busy schedule for venues and vendors. Start early in order to book your perfect venue and preferred catering, floral, photography and entertainment vendors.  In addition, travel can be more expensive during the holidays, so getting your invitations out early to give your guests ample time to plan and budget for your event will be greatly appreciated.

#5) Dress the Part
Strapless wedding gowns have been the trend for the last several years. Yet, they’re not always the most practical option on a cold, blustery, winter evening. Thanks to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, long-sleeved gowns are back in a big way! And, a cold-weather wedding is your chance to wear a luxurious heavier fabric such as silk satin, Battenberg lace, or even velvet. If you still want to wear a sleeveless or strapless gown, consider a faux fur stole or cashmere shrug that can keep you warm and show off your winter style.

Long sleeved wedding gown
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Yes, winter weather can be unpredictable, but a wedding that is inspired by the season can be absolutely stunning! If you’re planning a 2012 winter wedding, we hope we’ve given you some initial ideas that you can customize for your big day!

Special thanks to the Anoush Catering for sharing the top 5 ways you can have the perfect winter wonderland wedding


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