7 DIY Bridal Bouquet Ideas

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As DIY weddings have become popular, new and creative ideas have emerged! Your wedding bouquet is one such item that you can design or build yourself. Your bouquet no longer has to be made only from flowers. There are many alternatives which also last longer making your bouquet a keepsake from your special day. Here are some of our favorite DIY bridal bouquets. 

1. Jeweled Bridal Bouquet

Jeweled Bridal Bouquet

Photo source Etsy

2. Oversized Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet

Oversized Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet

Photo source Brit + Co

3. Feather Bridal Bouquet

Feather bridal bouquet

Photo source The Knot

4. Door Knob Bridal Bouquet

Door Knobs Bridal Bouquet

Photo source DIY Weddings Magazine

5. Ribbon Bridal Bouquet

Ribbons Bridal Bouquet

Photo source Pinterest

6. Sea Shell Bridal Bouquet 

Seashells Bridal Bouquet

Photo source Pinterest

7. Brooches Bridal Bouquet 

Brooches Bridal Bouquet

Photo source POPSUGAR

The bridal bouquet is a focal point and is as important as the other wedding details. It should match the theme and specially complete the bride’s look. Accordingly, choose the materials that work best for a picture perfect bouquet. Have any other ideas for DIY bouquets? Leave a comment below and we'd love to feature your bouquet on the Harsanik blog!


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