The Art of Calligraphy

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From wedding invitations to place and escort cards, we love the look of handwritten calligraphy. Calligraphy adds a personal touch and sense of style with beautiful handwritten lettering and creative design. The art of calligraphy has been around for thousands of years but recently calligraphy, in traditional form as well as with modern twists, has become a major trend in the wedding industry. name tags

We spoke with Los Angeles based calligrapher, Angela Kazanchyan, at (formerly known as Angela Calligraphy) to share all the details about the art of calligraphy. Here's our interview...

Tell us about

"While most people spend a lifetime searching for their passion or calling, I'm fortunate enough to say that I have found my passion for the art of calligraphy, which I find completely zen and relaxing. I have always been fascinated with observing people's handwriting, the tactile feel of different types of paper, or the many instruments used to produce writing, and from there emerged my love for this beautiful form of art.

I started pursuing my passion as a freelance calligrapher a few years ago, where my services were solely focused on lettering. However, I always had a vision of combining calligraphy with the various options of incorporating stationery, that would encompass the essence of the newly founded is a bespoke social stationery and lifestyle brand combining old-world charm and handcrafted minimalism. Each TMI card is the perfect combination of the art of calligraphy, the craft of classic letterpress printing, and the perfect sentiment. As each card is it's separate component, it is also a part of the entire identity, with the "ink" component representing the various calligraphy services offered."

What is calligraphy? 

"The word calligraphy is derived from two Greek words combined together, kallos, meaning "beauty," and graphein, meaning "to write" — literally "beautiful writing."

Are there different types of calligraphy?

"Calligraphy is a beautiful, artistic handwriting that can be expressed in different ways. It can be ornate, bold or delicate. Some of the more traditional styles include, Copperplate, Spencerian, Italic, or Roman. In the recent years, however, modern calligraphy has taken a huge interest among artists who apply the foundational forms of traditional calligraphy, but produce a script style or hand, using free-form, to create unique lettering that reflects their personal aesthetics."

What materials are ideal for calligraphy? 

"You name it! You can pretty much write on any type of surface using different tools. I would definitely use a pointed pen to address envelopes, place cards, menus, or any signage on paper. Chalk markers and chalk work best for chalkboards. Any type of wood or mirror signage requires an oil based paint marker or acrylic paint and brush. You can use an opaque paint such as gouache, dilute it to the right consistency, and use it with a brush or a pointed pen on smooth paper that doesn't have a lot of texture. Watercolors can also be used to produce a gradient effect using different tones of watercolor paint. Possibilities are endless when you start creating and experimenting with different mediums and palettes." envelopes place cards sign cake table horseshoe favors macaroon cake champagne glasses

What is the turnaround time for projects? How long in advance should clients place their order?

"The turnaround time varies with different types of projects. Envelope addressing usually requires about 5 days to address around 100 envelopes. As I say this, I realize how stressful and time consuming wedding planning gets and how brides may lose track of time and deadlines. Needless to say, I've addressed rush orders of 100 envelopes in one day as well. It's always a good practice to plan ahead, and to give the artist enough time to fully immerse themselves in a given project, rather than completing it on a rush basis."

How can one incorporate calligraphy into their special occasion? 

"I'll share my favorite ways to incorporate calligraphy in wedding planning."

Invitation Suite:

You can incorporate many facets of calligraphy in your invitation. Whether it's spot calligraphy (usually couples names or the date) or a complete calligraphed suite, your invitation suite sets the tone of the wedding for your guests. It's the first glimpse guests get into the couples vision of their big day. invitations

Seating Chart/Place Cards:

There are endless options in creating a seat chart for your guests. Aside front the traditional paper place cards, some unconventional seating/place cards I've created are mirrors, chalkboards, window panels, ornaments, chunks of marble, and even on pomegranates. mirror seating chart place card pomegranate


How about a wedding that has its own brand? A logo/monogram can be utilized on a variety of different products such as custom rubber stamps, cake toppers, dance floor decals, invitations, wedding programs, party favors, napkins or thank you notes. cake monogram

Love Letters:

This is one of my favorite projects to calligraph. Most times my exchange with clients are via email or phone calls, so these love letters couples exchange with each other before their vows, gives me a snapshot of their connection and relationship (or so I imagine it to be).

Framed Quotes:

Whether it's a quote the couples share in common or a song lyric from a first dance, when it is hand lettered, it makes a special and meaningful keepsake. framed quotes

Menu Cards:

Let's talk about food! Personalized menus are a great way to include your favorite cocktails or express how you indulge your palate. You can also add a fun hashtag on it or make it feel more sophisticated. menu cards

Thank You Notes:

A hand-written note speaks volumes and there's nothing more personal. Thank-you notes can be included with party favors or to simply say, "thank you" in a creative way that will complement your event." thank you note

Some things fun about Angela...!

"I am truly grateful for: family, friends, nature, memories, laughter, and love.

And madly in love about: fiction, paper, high heels, peonies, contemporary art, dark chocolate, and wine.

I will leave the TMI up to your imagination..."


How will you incorporate calligraphy into your special day? Share your favorites in the comments section below or tag us (@Harsanikcom) on social media. 

Special thanks to Angela at for sharing all the details about the art of calligraphy. 

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