15 Unique Flavors for Wedding Cakes

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As beautiful and ornate your wedding cake will be, what's inside the fondant layer counts, too!

Cake Flavors

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Remember: You're allowed to think beyond the confines of chocolate and vanilla to land on a flavor that is uniquely delectable. A slice of your wedding cake is, most times, the last bite your guests will have on your Big Day, so leave them with something that's memorable, different and delicious. 

Breaking your flavor options into themes may help make your decision easier:


  • Dark chocolate and banana cake with peanut butter filling
  • Champagne cake with a fruit-based buttercream filling
  • Vanilla cake with a salted caramel filling
  • White cake with lavender cream filling


  • Lemon cake with raspberry gel filling 
  • Apple spice cake with salted caramel filling 
  • Banana walnut cake with peanut butter filling


  • Funfetti cake with chocolate buttercream filling 
  • Coconut cake with pineapple curd filling 
  • Almond cake with Italian pear cream filling
  • Cinnamon cake with sugar cream cheese filling 
  • Lemon-rosemary cake with vanilla buttercream filling 
  • Rainbow cake with lemonade buttercream filling


  • Bacon, jalapeño, peach cupcake with cream cheese frosting 
  • Lemon olive oil cake with orange blossom filling 
  • Black olive cake (vanilla base) with goat cheese brittle buttercream filling

As you can see, the sky's the limit when it comes to flavors, filling and frosting, so start with some of your favorite sweets or baked goods, and see what your baker can work with to make it come to life as your wedding cake.

Have you heard of any other interesting cake flavors? Share in the comments below!

Once you choose your flavor, check out the latest cake trends and ideas for toppers to start designing your wedding cake! 

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