Agate and Geode Wedding Theme

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Wedding décors have gone far from the ordinary to new and creative styles. One of this year's most popular is the agate and geode décor. These stones are the perfect touch to your wedding to create a modern yet Boho chic theme. Their beautiful shapes, unique patterns, and vibrant colors are simply gorgeous and make dazzling decorations. Here are 7 ways to incorporate agate and geode into your wedding.

1. Wedding Cake

Based on your color theme, incorporate agate or geode designs into your wedding cake. This give the cake a 3D feeling as well!

Wedding Cake

Photo Source POPSUGAR 

Wedding Cake

Photo Source Colin Cowie Weddings

2. Wedding Invitations

The combinations of these brilliant stones and foil create elegant and unique wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations

Photo Source Minted

3. Place cards 

Kill two stones with one by using agate or geode as your place cards and have your guests take them home as personalized favors. 

Place cards

Photo Source Seniman Calligraphy 

place cards

Photo Source Pinterest

4. Table Numbers

Incorporate calligraphy on large agate rocks for beautiful table numbers.

Table numbers

Photo Source Pinterest

5. Chandelier Centerpiece 

Hang many agate rocks on a string as decor or in place of your centerpieces for a whimsical feeling! 

wedding decor

Photo Source Intimate Weddings


Photo Source Pinterest 

6. Bridal Shoe Box 

Incorporate these stones into your accessory box to maintain the theme of your wedding. 

Accessory Box

Photo Source Etsy

7. Ring Holder

Utilize a geode rock to house your card. If you love this trend you should also look at raw stones as your engagement ring!

Ring holder

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Will you incorporate this trend int your special day? Share your favorites in the comments section below. 

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