4 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

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Flowers are an important and special part of all weddings. Most couples spend a lot of time and money choosing the right flowers for their special day. After all that planning, the last thing you want is to throw it all away. From your centerpieces to bridal bouquet, there are many ways to preserve your flowers as keepsakes. Here are 4 ways to preserve your flowers after the wedding:

1. Make Jewelry

Use dried flowers or turn flowers into beads to make jewelry

Flower Necklace

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2. Keep in a Shadowbox Frame

Dry your flowers and keep them in a shadowbox frame

wedding flowers

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3. Make Paperweights

Preserve dried flowers in paperweights

Wedding flowers

Photo Source Flower Preservation Workshop

4. Make Candles

Use dried flowers to make a candle

flower candle

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At most weddings, couples ask their guests to take home the centerpieces as gifts. If so, the bride and groom are usually left with their bouquet and boutonniere and possibly the head table flowers to preserve. If you decide not to keep your flowers, you can also donate them to a local hospital, charity or other organizations.

What will you do with your flowers? Share in the comments section below.

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