6 Reasons Why You Need Rescue Flats!

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Ever wonder how you can keep your guests dancing all night? We recently came across Rescue Flats - the perfect party favor that says both "Thank You" and "Let's Dance"! Here's everything we know about Rescue Flats and all the reasons why you need them at your wedding celebration.

Rescue Flats

Photo Source: Rescue Flats

1. They are stylish and comfortable!

Rescue Flats are fashionably designed, comfortable, and foldable ballet flats displayed in a beautiful display box that can be distributed as party favors on your special day.

2. They come in all the right sizes! 

Each Rescue Flats box is organized by size including small, medium, and large options providing sizes for each of your guests.

Rescue Flats

Photo Source: Rescue Flats

3. You can match them with pretty much anything! 

Rescue Flats are offered in various colors such as Plastic Black, Gold, Copper Rose, Slate, Lavender, and Blush. This allows you to pick your colors based on the season, your theme, or personal preference.

Rescue Flats

Photo Source: Rescue Flats

4. They come in different packages!

Rescue Flats are available in packs, box sets, or even individual pairs. Accordingly, you can choose to provide Rescue Flats for all of your guests, gifts for your bridal party, or even order one just for yourself! Here are the prices for each option.

5. You don't have to worry about your heels!

Rescue Flats are paired with heel bags for the guests to store their personal heels. Talk about convenience!

Rescue Flats

Photo Source: Rescue Flats

6. They ship anywhere in the world! 

Rescue Flats ship internationally! Specific guidelines apply to shipments outside of the U.S. and Canada.

We love the idea of Rescue Flats...Just imagine the dance floor as all the guests kick off their heels and switch to stylish flats to party the night away!

Which color will you choose? Share in the comments section below or tag on social media (Harsanikcom). 

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